Three More HIV-Infected Prostitutes Found in Athens by KEELPNO

    Three more prostitutes, two of whom are Greek, were found to be HIV positive during Greek  Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO) searches in Athens brothels.

    The HIV carriers were women who work as prostitutes in the center of Athens in the wider area of Omonia. The three cases were tracked during inspections that were conducted this morning (April 30) in the immigration center of Petrou Ralli Avenue. 24 women were tested for HIV through rapid tests which showed that two of them were positive to the deadly virus.

    According to reliable sources, one of the two women was offering her services despite knowing that she was an HIV carrier. The process of finding every male who had intercourse with the infected prostitutes is really difficult if not impossible, given that they didn’t have a permanent post on Omonia Street.

    The Greek Health Minister reassured that “every brothel will be examined” in a public statement he made in light of the discouraging findings.

    A 22-year old Russian prostitute was the first to spread panic among hundreds who have had sexual encounters in exchange for money, not only for their personal health but also of their families and friends.

    “Unfortunately my predictions were confirmed. I had warned that AIDS is dramatically increasing in our country and a part of the problem is located in illegal immigration and illegal prostitution,” noted Minister Loverdos, specifically addressing Greek family men who visit brothels and then expose their families to the risk.

    The Minister pointed out that KEELPNO will continue its searches according to necessary requirements. “There will be no brothel unchecked during the next days,” he announced.



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