Archaeological Film Festival Begins in Athens

AGON, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens and under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture and the Lambrakis Foundation, presents the 9th International Meeting of Archaeological Film of Mediterranean Area…and Beyond from May 7-13, 2012.

Hosted at the Greek Cinema Archive in Athens (48, Iera Odos, Kerameikos), this year’s AGON Film Festival will feature more than 50 films and special screenings aiming to answer different questions on international archaeological topics and riddles.

Who where the Warriors in the Mist? Why did the Gauls loose the heads? Can the Caryatid’s hairstyle be reproduced? How many archaeological treasures are hidden in the depths of the Greek sea? What’s the relation between looters and museums?

The entries, which claim one of the total nine awards presented during the 9th International Meeting, come from 15 countries around the world and have been selected out of 150 participations. The meeting will feature special cartoon short films for young audiences, seven special films including an unknown documentary film by Orson Wells, the Greek award-winning folkloric documentary “Polemonta” on the Griko villages of Calabria and the political milestone film by the Taviani Brothers “St. Michael had a Rooster.”

This year’s awards are accompanied by a monetary award of 1,000 Euros, while the audience will also have the chance to win a scholarship to learn Italian by voting for the Audience Award.

The International Meeting of Archaeological Film of the Mediterranean Area takes place every two years and was inaugurated in 1996. The decision to organize AGON was based on the fact that the influence of Greek civilization in this area was decisive for the development of the cultural identity of contemporary societies. Since 2002, AGON is a founding member of the European Federation of Archaeology and Patrimony Film Festivals.


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