Schaeuble Sends Warning on Greek Elections

On the eve of the Greek elections, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble sent a warning to Greece that it will have to “bear the consequences” if it fails to elect a government that does not respect commitments made by the current government.

Greek democracy appeared to be undermined once again by German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble when he sent a warning to Greece that it must vote in favor of adhering to austerity and loan commitments or face the consequences.

As voters prepare to show their disdain for unpopular austerity measures by rallying behind anti-EU parties, Schaeuble warned “The future government in Greece must abide by the country’s commitments,” Euro News reported.

Schaeuble reminded that EU membership is voluntary as he added,
“If Greek voters were to vote for a majority that does not honor those agreements, then Greece will have to bear the consequences of that.”

Earlier this year, Schaeuble was criticized for seemingly telling Greece how to conduct its affairs when he said the nation must dramatically change its ways, stating “Greek promises on austerity measures are no longer good enough because so many vows have been broken and the country has been a ‘bottomless pit.'”

In addition to the German’s comment on Greek elections Ekathimerini reported the Institute of International Finance (IIF) has also issued a report. It warns that if a fragmented coalition government is elected without a clear mandate then
“an administration of technocrats should take over the running of the country in order to ensure stability.”
New Democracy, whose leader Antonis Samaras is widely tipped to lead a coalition government, reacted in anger to the report by the IIF. New Democracy spokesman Yiannis Michelakis released a statement criticizing the IIF conclusions, which said “We are greatly surprised by the references to the Greek elections on May 6 in the IIF’s report. We remind the authors of the report that we have a democracy in Greece and we do not need anyone’s instructions.”
(source: Euro News, digital journal, Kathimerini)


  1.  It is Germans who need a warning to be sent.  If Greece is forced out of the EU then Greece should join the BRIC sphere of influence.  Russia’s new leader is making it a foreign policy priority to stand up to any Orthodox country being beaten up by other countries.   Greece should allow Russia to put a base on a Greek island in exchange for political capital.
    Greece leaving the EU will cause derivaties to explode in the other EU countries and Germany’s derivatives debts are ten times the German GDP.

  2. What are the consequences, if the People of Greece democratically vote in the People of Greece? 


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