Discounts at 13 Airports Across Greece Expected to Boost Tourism

A new discount has been launched by the Greek Minister of  Transport, aiming to boost tourism. Until the end of 2012, 13 peripheral Greek airports will receive airplanes without having to pay certain obligatory taxes for using their ‘services.’ That apparently makes Greek airports some of the cheapest in Europe.

With this decision, the Ministry of Transport aims at enhancing Greek tourism, which according to statistical predictions is expected to have a 10% decline for 2012 in comparison to last year’s data.

The discount is applied to taxes paid by airline companies for services they are being offered during landing, and waiting time in spaces of all state airports of Greece, with the exception of the National Airport of Athens.

The reduction in airport charges will not be applied on the so-called “spatosimo” tax imposed on passengers departing from all Greek airports, namely the tax for the development of airports, and on other required taxes that will be paid as usual by airline companies.

As the Ministry announced, the measure aims at increasing the number of regular, commercial and charter flights to peripheral Greek airports and hopefully boost the tourism for the entire year.


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