Merkel and Hollande Τurn Down Meeting With Tsipras For Protocol Reasons

State Secretary and spokesperson of the German government Steffen Seibert told reporters today, when asked if Angela Merkel is willing to meet with the left-wing SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras, that the German Chancellor only meets with heads of states and governments.

Earlier, the Greek party leader had asked for a meeting with the newly elected French president Francois Hollande. On behalf of the German government, however, Seibert noted that no similar request had been filed to the German Chancellor.

As far as the possibility of a meeting between the French President and the SYRIZA leader is concerned, there has been exploratory communication with the French side but the presidency answered that the protocol does not allow the President to meet with party leaders.

According to Greek newspapers and information, Tsipras has been receiving numerous phone calls and telegrams from parties and leaders abroad after the May 6 election outcome that ranked SYRIZA the second political power in the country.


  1. So the existence of an hierarchy is news now?

    It is obvious that a yet to be sworn party leader can’t request a meeting with a head of state. It’s a matter of hierarchy (protocol).

    He has no official capacity yet and even if he had, it is not appropriate to address the head of a state. He would contact a Foreign Minister (or equivalent) based on his current status as party leader.

     With his current status he can’t represent his country in any official capacity, let alone request a meeting and that’s why he hasn’t, which is apparent in the article, so how was he turned down?
     Are we in 3rd grade in which an unrelated party (reporter) asks, another party (spokesperson) if a meeting is possible between two other parties and then when that spokesperson states the obvious problems with the proposal it is considered as “turning down an offer”?

     Now if he becomes Head of State (Priminister), he will be in the position to request a meeting with his German or French counterpart.

     Anyway if this is what you consider news good luck… you will need it.

  2. Well he actually didn’t ask for anything, as you can plainly read others did this for him. One “request” was by a German reporter.. I wouldn’t exactly call that Tsipra’s “right hand man”.

    Nor is unconfirmed: “exploratory communication with the French side” exactly a request to meet, nevermind a denial to a request that doesn’t make sense. As you say he is not a PM.


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