European Parliament President Martin Schulz Cancels Visit to Greece

    President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, who is said to be a “supporter” of Greece’s European perspective, had announced he would visit Greece this Sunday and Monday, May 13-14, but eventually cancelled his arrival earlier today. It remains unknown why he won’t be visiting Athens, but his office representatives stated he will re-schedule.

    Schulz planned to meet with President Karolos Papoulias and the departing President of the Hellenic Parliament, Phillipos Petsalnikos, who are constitutional counterparts of Schulz, and he didn’t want to meet with other political leaders or party members.

    The EP President aimed at having contacts with representatives of social groups and institutions, with young pupils and students as well as businessmen. He was also expected to hold an open-entrance speech on Monday, at 1pm in the Music Hall of Athens and to hold an interview at 2pm in the same place.

    Schulz has made it clear that he doesn’t wish to intervene in Greece’s political affairs. He has, however, repeatedly defended the country’s European perspective and efforts to find a European solution for Greece. He is one of the political figures that promote growth policies in the Eurozone and Greece and he has asked the European Central Bank to take bold measures to that end.

    “After the complicated outcome of the elections, it is important to speak with the Greeks now,” Schulz stressed.

    German social-democrat politician Schulz has clarified that the loan agreement is not negotiable and warned that Greece won’t receive any bailout aid without a stable government (without pointing out what he perceives as “stable”).

    “The agreements must be respected. I don’t think we can or should renegotiate,” said Schulz, on a visit to Berlin a few days ago.



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