Latest Greek Poll Has Syriza In Lead

A new poll just released minutes ago reveals that a large number of Greek voters have turned to the radical left-wing Syriza Party in the wake of recent elections. The election has failed to produce a coalition so far, and it is likely new elections will be called as soon as this weekend.

In the poll held Tuesday support for Syriza has grown from 16.8% in the last election to 23.8%, surpassing the conservative and current largest party in parliament, New Democracy.

In the Hellenic Parliament, the party that receives the most votes gets an extra 50 seats in theory to help it form a coalition. If Syriza emerges with the coming elections with this large bonus it will possibly hold the future of Greece, and much of the European economy, in its hands.

Syriza is staunchly opposed to austerity, and would lead a revolt against the EU imposed measures if it gains power.

The full poll results:
Syriza: 23.8%, up from 16.8% in the election
New Democracy: 17.4%, down from 18.9%
PASOK: 10.8%, down from 13.2%
Independent Greeks: 8.7%, down from 10.6%
KKE: 6.0%, down from 8.48%
Golden Dawn: 4.9%, down from 7%
Dimar: 4.0%, down from 6.11%


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