Political Leaders End Meeting With President

A meeting convened by Greece’s President Karolos Papoulias with three main party leaders to try to break the deadlock and broker a coalition government deal has ended.
Papoulias met Sunday with the heads of conservative New Democracy, socialist PASOK and radical left Syriza, who finished in the top three positions in elections last week that left no party with enough votes to form a government.
Greece’s parties will continue consultations to form a government, conservative party leader Antonis Samaras told reporters on Sunday after political leaders met the country’s president.
“Consultations will continue,” Samaras said after the meeting between President Karolos Papoulias and the leaders of the country’s three biggest political parties.

Talks between Greece’s three biggest political parties have hit an impasse, but there is still hope a government can be formed, Socialist leader Evangelos Venizelos said after a meeting of political leaders on Sunday.
“Even now, despite the impasse at the meeting we had with the president, I hold on to some limited optimism that a government can be formed,” Venizelos told party members after the meeting of the three political leaders and the country’s president.

Papoulias is now to hold individual meetings with the heads of four smaller parties that also won parliamentary seats.
(source: AP, Reuters)


  1. Going for elections…It was clear from the beginning that Greece is heading for new round of elections…God help us…


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