Romano Prodi: ‘France and Germany Knew About Greece’s Tampered Data’

Former European Commission President and ex-Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi has called for a growth policy in Europe, during a conference that took place in Florence on May 9, on the occasion of the 62nd EU Birthday. What was especially interesting were his comments on the Greek “disease.”

“If Greece exits the Eurozone, other countries will also start falling like dominoes under the pressure of speculators,” stated ex-Italian PM Prodi.

“Europe was born on the foundations of solidarity, so that everyone’s problems be taken into consideration. A bonding unity seems to be a major step backwards.”

“Greece might only represent 2% of the Eurozone’s GDP, which is surely too little. But if it exits the common currency, speculation will – after it will have engorged Athens – keep being hungry; it will affect Portugal, Spain and then Italy and France,” added the former European Commission President.

Acknowledging that “Greece has to put its finances in order,” Prodi underlined that “the country (Greece) indeed tampered with its financial data, but the French along with the Germans allowed that to happen. When I was President of the European commission, I kept saying to them that a control system must be built. And they kept answering: out of the question!”


  1. Mr. Prodi doesn’t need to say that the figures are tampered with because we all know that since the country has no infrastructure. Greece’s government sector was living on borrowed money and that what caused the bubble to burst plus the massive corruption created by the politicians to establish themselves. The crisis is caused by the two main parties taking turns over the past 38 years hiring hundreds of thousands of unneeded workers in return for votes, along with corruption, tax evasion, inefficiency, bureaucracy and an uncompetitive economy based on agriculture and tourism that pushed away foreign investors including unhealthy system. With all the above no more to say.


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