World Media Focuses On Greek Political Turmoil

    Greece has once again become the top story with press around the world. Everyone seems to be anxious about the final effort of forming a coalition government in Greece. International networks are offering complete coverage and regular live reports from Athens, primarily in regards to political developments.

    “Greek government talks turn ugly” while “Parties on the left trade insults and accusations after talks with the president (Karolos Papoulias),” broadcasts the American network CNN continuing, “Greece’s exit from the Eurozone will affect the already fragile economy of the Eurozone.”

    “Talks on Greek Coalition Collapse, Threatening Deal” is a New York Times headline.

    A special report by British Guardian puts “Greece on the breadline,” posting regularly updated information on the Greek issue.

    “Greek parties in emergency talks with president over new government. Last-ditch discussions hope to produce some form of coalition as country remains leaderless after deadlocked elections,” reports the newspaper.

    “Emboldened by the ratings, Tsipras threw down the gauntlet, taunting his opponents ‘to go ahead’ with the formation of a government. After all, he said, three parties – New Democracy, Pasok and the small pro-European Democratic Left – had agreed to participate in a coalition that would implement the unpopular policies, and with 168 MPs between them, they had a working majority,” explains the Guardian.

    The British network BBC talks over a “Russian Roulette,” claiming that Tsipras thinks that Europeans might be bluffing regarding a possible Greek exit from the common currency.

    Similar stories are to be found in today’s French press. The famous newspapers Le Monde and Le Figaro are reporting Papoulias’ effort to form a coalition government and his tremendous failure that could lead the country into default.



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