Comedy Show ‘Sorry I am Greek’ Upsets German Director

    Lakis Lazopoulos is on tour in Germany with sold-out performances, which apparently frustrates the Germans.

    The renowned comedian appeared on stage in Düsseldorf dressed up in the traditional Greek costume (tsolias) and waited 4 minutes to start his show, as the Greek-Germans did not stop applauding.

    As expected, the Greek man’s show included many hints and jokes about Greek political figures, such as former Greek PM George Papandreou and Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    But the German director of the venue felt offended and demanded the translator to stop translating it into German language.

    Lazopoulos became aware of this after having completed his performance while in the dressing room. “We did not do what she asked,” said the beloved comedian. “However, I consider her reaction a pretty good sign, not because I want to give anyone a telling-off but because they have to listen to things they can’t stand,” added Lazopoulos.

    “We have been dealing with their state officials’ paranoid speeches for over the past two years, [which] I don’t relate to German people.”

    As for Greek politics, Lazopoulos commented that, in his opinion, Alexis Tsipras is ready to govern.


    1. Comparing the Germans with nazis is insulting, most Greeks living in Germany don’t have any understanding for this.

    2. That is called comedy my friend. If you have no sense of humor then there is something really wrong with you (generally speaking).


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