Cameron Tells Greeks ‘There is a Choice’: Accept Austerity or Go Back to Drachma

David Cameron told Greece to accept austerity measures or quit the euro last night, urging the euro zone to put in place strong contingency plans for either eventuality.
Cameron, speaking in Chicago before the start of a NATO summit, dismissed talk that the G8 summit that ended on Saturday at Camp David, Maryland, was a failure “because I think it helped to crystallize the thinking of the world΄s economic leaders and particularly crystallize the thinking of the euro zone members.”
“We now have to send a very clear message to people in Greece. There is a choice: You can either vote to stay in the euro with all the commitments that you’ve made or if you vote another way, you are effectively voting to leave,” he told reporters, according to Reuters.
“The crucial thing is that euro zone leaders have got to put in place contingency plans for both of those eventualities, really clear plans to keep our economies safe and stable and I will do everything in the UK to make sure we are in that situation too,” he said.
He spoke out as Justice Secretary Ken Clarke said Britain was “heavily exposed” to the eurozone crisis and warned of risks that “cranky extremists” would be elected to the Athens government.
Nick Clegg said further uncertainty would lead to civil unrest across Europe.


  1. Cameron, a complete a miserable failure in his own country has about as much business making a statement like this as my dog taking a proper shit on the union jack.


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