Crete to Export Products to Australia

Cretan products are ready to travel to the Australian markets. The development of business relations with Australia and the market opportunities for Cretan products will be the main subject of the coming event at the Heraklion Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The event will take place on Thursday, May 24, at 7:30pm at the Heraklion Chamber of Commerce and Industry at Kastellaki Hall.

The Australian Ambassador in Athens, Jenny Bloomfield, will attend the event, and will present the Greek products to the Australian markets as well as discuss the foundation of the Hellenic-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The achievements of three Cretan firms that successfully export their products in Australia, such as TERRA CRETA and CRETA FARM, will be presented to attendees.

The Australian market, one of the strongest in the world, can benefit from the export activity of the big Greek island given the vast presence of Greeks there.


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