Government Dismisses Reports Claiming Deployment of Israeli Soldiers in Cyprus

The Cyprus government has dismissed news reports published by Anadolu news agency, claiming that Cyprus and Israel have concluded an agreement providing for the deployment of thousands of Israeli soldiers in Cyprus.

Deputy Government Spokesman Christos Christofides said these were “fiction” reports, noting that Ankara is pursuing through these groundless leaks to justify its intransigence at the negotiations, is trying to undermine the talks and to focus on the so called “B plans” as well as to create further tension in view of the fact that the Republic of Cyprus will undertake the Presidency of the European Union during the second half of 2012.

He added that the government will not follow Turkey in its effort to culminate the effort to create a climate of tension and underlined that Turkey remains exposed internationally.

Asked if there was any discussion between the government and Israel about the possibility of deploying Israeli soldiers in Cyprus, Christofides recalled that Defense Minister Demetris Eliades signed an agreement during his visit to Israel, adding that “no discussions on further military cooperation took place,” adding that leaks aim primarily to justify Turkey’s actions on the Cyprus problem and enhance efforts to create tension.

(source: cna)


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