Greece and Cyprus Pass to Eurovision Final (Video)

Eleftheria Eleftheriou and Ivi Adamou (photo) will both be at the Eurovison 2012 final. The singers, who represent Greece and Cyprus respectively, amazed the crowds in Azerbaijan, where the contest is taking place, and qualified for the final.

Eleftheriou’s song “Aphrodisiac” is in English. Watch her performance at the Eurovision semifinal below:

Ivi Adamou’s song is called “La La Love.” Watch the video below from Cyprus’ performance at the semifinal.

Both songs are pop and catchy and Greece and Cyprus had great stage attitude. Adamou and Eleftheriou are expected to get a good position at the final if not be in the first three.

Together with them the countries of Romania (Mandinga – Zaleilah), Moldova (Pasha Perfeny – Lautar), Iceland (Greta Salome & Jonsi – Never Forget), Hungary (Compact Disco – Sound of Our Hearts), Denmark (Soluna Samay – Should’ve Known Better), Albania (Rona Nishliu – Suus), Cyprus (Ivi Adamou – La La Love), Greece (Eleftheria Eleftheriou – Aphrodisiac), Russia (Buranovskie Babushki – Party For Everybody), Ireland (Jedward – Waterline) reached the final following the first semifinal of Eurovision-2012 song contest in Baku on May 22.

Eurovision participants from Montenegro, Latvia, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, Israel, San Marino and Austria left the contest.

The second semi-final will be held on May 24 and the grand final on May 26. The contest is being held at the Baku Crystal Hall, built on the shores of the Caspian Sea specifically for Eurovision 2012.

Azerbaijan won the right to host the prestigious European song contest after the victory of Eldar Gasimov and Nigar Jamal (Ell / Nikki) at Eurovision 2011 in Dusseldorf, Germany last May.


  1. After a year of BS Politics….. one amazing news event coming from Greece and Cyprus,,, for that matter…. Very proud  to be Greek… At least we have gorgeous beautiful amazing girls…
    Like one young Greek guy commented with graffiti on the front of a wall during the heavy riots of last year in Athens.

    Μας κλέψατε τα λεφτά μας , μας πήρατε τα σώβρακα. Αλλά  της γυνεκες μας και τη θάλασσα μας δεν θά πάρετε ποτέ ! Μουνιά, που θάτ πάτε; Πάλι στην Ελλαδάρα μας θα έρθετε !! 

    I couldn’t say it better.myself!  


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