Thessaloniki Wants To Set Guinness Record for Largest Origami Creation

On May 31, Thessaloniki is going for the Guinness Record and everyone can be a part of it.

Municipality of Thessaloniki invites people from Greece and across the world to help build the largest origami in the world alongside 6,000 people, sending a message of peace, support and environmental protection.

The record breaking origami is set to rise at 400 meters at the central Aristotelous square, depicting the city’s trademark, the White Tower. 40,000 Japanese traditional paper crafts are expected to build this unique version of the Tower.

The idea for this creative Guinness record comes from the well-known social anthropologist and origami teacher Myrto Dimitriou in collaboration with the Youth, Sports and Volunteers department of the Municipality of Thessaloniki

“Our target is that 40,000 people come by Aristotelous Square and place their origami craft, so that the image of the White Tower be formed. We want to enter the World Record Guinness Book with the cooperation of the citizens of Thessaloniki,” explained Deputy Mayor Maria Paschalidou during a press conference earlier today.

Hong Kong holds the world record with an image that was built on 320 square meters.

“With that initiative we want to send a message of hope, optimism and show the importance of recycling,” noted Myrto Dimitriou.

The citizens that will participate at the effort will also be given the chance to financially support the work of the UNESCO-awarded “Ark of the World,” a non-governmental organization which takes care of mothers and children that have experienced abandonment, racism and social exclusion.


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