Shocking German Article: “In Berlin They Even Consider Military Coup Scenarios for Greece”

    During the past hours, the Greek media has been circulating a shocking German article from that argues than in Berlin, authorities are considering coup scenarios  and other ways to use armed forces to impose their will on Greece. The article is entitled “ On The Relevance of Democracy”, and it presents several nightmare scenarios on how the Germans intend to turn Greece into a protectorate since the German austerity dictate can no longer be enforced with democratic means. The article also refers to German commentators who are drawing comparisons to the situation in the later stages of Germany’s Weimar Republic: “In the Greek situation, the worst case would be a reversion to a dictatorship,” warned an influential commentator.

    According to the website’s editors, German foreign is compiled by a group of independent journalists and social scientists who observe, on an ongoing basis, Germany’s renewed attempts to regain a status of great power in the economic, military and political arena.


    In the run-up to new elections in Greece, the German elite is discussing various scenarios involving the use of force to ensure control over Athens, including the establishment of a protectorate or the deployment of “protection forces” in that southern European country. The German austerity dictate, pushing Greece into destitution, is provoking growing popular resistance, which, apparently, can no longer be suppressed with democratic means. Berlin has failed in its efforts to force Athens into subordination by threatening to withdraw the Euro, as much as with its demand that Greece combines its parliamentary elections with a referendum on the question of remaining in the Euro zone. Berlin categorically rejects the option of retracting the austerity dictate and replacing it with stimulus programs, as is being demanded by leading economists worldwide, even though the exclusion of Greece from the Euro zone threatens to push the currency itself, into an abyss.

    17th of June – Greece’s Last Chance

    After all attempts to form a government in Greece failed last week, it appears that in the elections set for June 17, those forces that are strictly opposed to the German austerity dictate will win a majority. Even with their slight majority in parliament, the three parties willing to implement the austerity program have not succeeded in forming a government. Polls are predicting their defeat. The fact that a majority in the Greek population would like to keep the Euro, is seen in Berlin and Brussels as a last chance to achieve a change in public opinion. Already before the announcement of new elections, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble declared that the Euro zone could easily cope with Greece’s withdrawal. EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht has just confirmed that the EU Commission and the European Central Bank (ECB) are already preparing for Greece’s withdrawal. And, Jean-Claude Juncker, head of the Euro Group, is quoted as saying that “if we would take a poll with secret ballots on Greece remaining in the Euro zone, an overwhelming majority would vote against it.” The new elections are Greece’s “last chance.” If they do not furnish a majority for the austerity dictate, “it will be over.”

    No Right to Respect

    In addition, Berlin has obviously applied pressure on Athens to combine a referendum on remaining in the Euro zone with the elections. This tactic is aimed at weakening the opponents of austerity. According to reports, German Finance Minister Schäuble already made this proposal last Monday to his Greek counterpart at the meeting of the Euro finance ministers. This proposal is obviously supported by the Chairman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Volker Kauder (“Now German will be spoken in Europe”). A Greek government spokesman confirmed that Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Greek President Karolos Papoulias last Friday to implement the German plan for a Greek referendum, whereas in November 2011, Berlin briskly rebuffed the Prime Minister at the time, Giorgos Papandreou, when he publicly announced his proposal to hold a referendum. This led to his demise. Berlin’s open interference is met with outrage in Athens. The Greek population has a “right to respect,” the chairperson of the conservative Nea Dimokratia, Antonis Samaras, was quoted as saying. And the chairman of the opposition party Syriza, Alexis Tsipras, declared that Berlin is acting as if Greece “is a protectorate”.

    Euro Dusk

    Berlin is gruffly rebuffing every deviation from the severe austerity policy, ruining Greece, reported  – in spite of the fact that this will accelerate the collapse of the entire Euro zone. A few days ago, the economist and Nobel laureate Paul Krugman was not the first to describe such a scenario. Soon, “most likely, next month,” Greece will exit the Euro zone, according to Krugman. Immediately thereafter, a comprehensive capital flight can be expected to Germany – at least from Spain and Italy, out of fear of these two countries’ economic collapse as well. This would necessitate drastic measures – limitations of money transfers or new support measures for Spanish and Italian banks, and possibly both. In the long run, however, support, particularly for the Spanish economy with stimulus programs, cannot be avoided. This would mean a strategy change for combatting the crisis that Berlin from the very beginning has been trying to avoid at all costs. “Germany has the choice,” explains Krugman, accept the change of course or “the end of the Euro” is imminent. Concerning the time span of the “Euro dusk,” Krugman says, “we are speaking in terms of months, not years.


    The sectors of the German elite, which refuse to consider this change of course proposed by Krugman and numerous other experts outside Germany, are now publicly debating scenarios involving the use of force. In a newspaper interview early this month, the director of the prominent Hamburg Institute of International Economics, Thomas Straubhaar, called for establishing a protectorate in Greece – “regardless of the outcome of the elections”. The country is a “failed state,” he says, which is unable to raise itself “to a new start” under “its own steam.” Athens needs “help in establishing viable state structures”. It, therefore, must be transformed into “a European protectorate.” “The EU must do it,” affirms Straubhaar. The EU “would have to help Greece modernize its institutions at every level, particularly with administrative staff, tax experts, and tax inspectors.” However, refounding Greece would demand “intuition” to “overcome national pride, conceit, and the resistance of interest groups.” This is referring to a sovereign democracy, a German ally in the EU and NATO.


    In the meantime, there is even discussion of a putsch in Athens. Greece threatens to sink into complete chaos, warned a long time companion of Germany’s former Foreign Minister, Joseph Fischer, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, a European parliamentarian for the French Green Party. Cohn-Bendit explained that it is impossible to avoid extensive foreign interference. “If you leave the Greeks to muddle through alone, you are risking a military putsch.” German commentators are drawing comparisons to the situation in the later stages of Germany’s Weimar Republic. “In the Greek situation, the worst case would be a reversion to a dictatorship,” warned an influential commentator. “This scenario becomes more probable as instability grows.” In reference to the links between a possible dictatorship and Berlin’s austerity dictate, the commentator writes, “already today, it seems as though Merkel’s austerity policy can, at best, be imposed on the streets of Athens by force of arms.”

    Protection Forces

    Last week, a leading German daily discussed the issue of dispatching troops to Greece. Should the country go bankrupt, it would then, as a “‘failing state,’ (…) be less in a position” to shore up its borders against migrants, writes the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Just recently, the EU Commission announced that it finds itself forced to prolong the mission of its EU border troops at the Greek/Turkish borders. If Athens “should no longer be able to pay its officials, or can pay only in Drachmas,” the situation risks becoming “chaotic”. The country could possibly “be rocked by rebellions”. “Help for Greece would then no longer be on credit, but be transformed into a sort of humanitarian emergency aid,” prophesied the journal in its front-page lead editorial. “Hopefully, an international protection force, such as the one stationed in the teetering countries further to the north, will not become an option.”


    1. Greek politicians do not care simply because they have the means to survive but poor people do not have these means. It’s about time for the people to take matters in their own hand and enforce Greek politicians to change the system or the country will turn to civil war. 

    2. This is not “shocking” given the history of Germany.
      Nothing would backfire more than German troops in Greece.  The Wall Street Derivatives financial crisis that spread to the world is being used to destroy democracy around the world.
      Now is a good time for Greece to strengthen ties with the emerging BRIC countries.  Russia is an Orthodox ally already and China plus India have been punched around by world powers before.

    3.  This probably the biggest obstacle for a Greece recovery: Most Greeks with an IQ over room temperature have already left the county …

    4. What rubbish ! The shocking news is the greeks dont pay their taxes and expect Germany to pay for everything.

    5. Better for Greece to hand over the keys to Germany…Belgium was without a government for 18 months without any problems nor scandals…

    6. On the subject of taxes, Christine Lagarde does have a good point. The Greeks don’t pay their taxes. However, Christine should have qualified her statement by saying, that the ‘very rich Greeks don’t pay their taxes’, added to the fact that there is a lot of corruption in the Greek tax administration system anyway.

      Like in most of the world ordinary hardworking, honest Greeks pay all of their taxes and then have been forced to pay more through austerity as well, while the wealthy Greeks have simply moved their money into a safer currency and carried on like nothing has happened.

    7. This is a typical example of media-driven black and white thinking. Where on Earth are you getting information that leads you into making such a ridiculous statement?

    8. All you monkeys below me are non- Greeks and you have no idea what you are talking about..
      Greeks are the second hardest working people in the world behind the south Koreans according to Proven statistics! IF I hear one more time that Greeks don’t pay their taxes I am going to 
      tell everyone to go to HELL. My father is 88 years old and he lives in Greece and he still pays his taxes,, He has no choice. The only people that don’t pay taxes are the filthy bastard rich and Elite and huge multinationals that manipulate the system like any other country.
      In America tax evasion has the same degree of non payment of taxes if not more than Greece. 
      It is human nature not only in Greece but every country on the planet for people to avoid paying taxes . History shows that tax evasion has been a universal problem from the beginning of human civilization. SO DON”T EVER ANYONE USE THE “TAX CARD” on the hard working Greek people you degenerate uneducated vagrants! The filthy rich in America have  had a more impact on the fiscal crisis in the States than any other faction of the economy. IN Greece it is more pronounced because it is a POOR country still. with no manufacturing or industry. The tax evasion is going to be more transparent there of course.. The Greek Tycoons which I consider the biggest traitors of Greece because they are Greek but don’t associate or live in Greece are the biggest culprits of evasion than anyone else. They have raped the country for decades and hoarded their money in Swiss banks. These are the real criminals here of tax evasion . Not the hard working public service worker whose salary is broken into million pieces before he sees it..
      I am sick n tired of every jerk whether they represent Europe the west , politicians, stupid ignorant people that have no clue  what they are talking about and simplify thing by pointing fingers like that ignoramus woman who is the head of the IMF , Lagarde, who dares to 
      threaten to Greeks to pay their taxes . Lady, you GO TO HELL! You have no concept of Economics. How you got that post, I hate to ask. I think you should volunteer for aversion therapy 
      as in the movie “A  Clockworke Orange” and sit there and watch hour after hour  after hour of Greek history so you can get detoxed from your brainwash.. in the mean time do everyone a favor 
      and take a ride to a banana republic and go live gathering coconuts..

      NOTHING WILL HAPPEN YOU MORONS!!! GREECE ISN’T LEAVING THE EURO EVEN IF A NEO NAZI PARTY IS GOVERNING IT. IF GREECE LEAVES THE EURO THAN THINK ABOUT WWIII and the end of everyone. WE gave civilization to the world and we will dictate once more 
      through unity what we will do. 
      IN worst case USA  saves Greece .  USA will never allow Greece to shatter because every ideology that made America great was because the forefathers that wrote the US Constitution followed the same ideals that was contributed by Greece to the rest of western civilization.
      So enough of this BS! 

    9. Dear CJones,
      The vast majority of Greek people are paying their taxes since it is deducted from their monthly salary, so enough with this stereotype .
      Regarding the nonsense in this article about military intervention, I have one thing to say. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ! This is where we fight, this is where YOU DIE …

    10. So why isn’t Greece rich, Ari ? From experience working there, I suggest

      1. “Working” in most of the state jobs is anti-work. The time spent at work is subtracting value from the ecomony, obstructing real productive work

      2. In the private sector, everything is so f***ing disorganised that by N. Europe standards that you take 3 days to do something it tales that rest of us 1 day to do. ( This is big company experience, not the cooks in your cafes )

      It’s not the time at work that counts, it’s the output.

    11. She pays no tax. And she’s very well paid. So, who’s she to accuse other people from not paying their taxes. And why, being her a well informed person, she didn’d make a distinction between the average Greek people ande rich parasytes who are the one who perform massive tax evasion?

    12. That’s not quite the truth. I just want to ask you one thing: Did Germany paid their WWII indemnizations to Greece ant to the other countries that suffered from their beligerant policy during the Nazi era? Answer: No, Germany was forgiven. After the WWII Germany was in total default. And if it weren’t by the help of the European nations and the USA, Germany would have become a failed State. One more thing: Who paid for the reunification of the Germany? Answer: the European States of the EEC. Another interesting thing: What countries were the main clients of German exports? Answer: The South countries. Another point: Who financed the South countries banks? The German banks, so there would be markets for the German exports. By the way, the EEC anda after the EU politics strongly “incentivated” the small countries of the South to abandon their industrial and extractive productions in order to increase their imports. So, my friend, as you can see it, the reality is not so simple as the media propaganda tells us.

    13. Christin Lagarde is the reincarnation of Marie Antoinette,sitting up in her Ivory tower not paying taxes and basicaly saying “let them eat cake”.What I see here, is that its ok for the upper class to not pay taxes, and take it off the backs of the poor and middle clase.This is a war on the middle clase, and the rich will get riche,r and the middle clase will have less.


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