News Blackout as Greek Journalists Launch 24-Hour Strike

    Journalists walked out of newsrooms for 24-hours across Greece on Monday to protest layoffs and sharp salary cuts plaguing the once-thriving media sector.
    A series of job cuts has hit news organizations in Greece following nationwide austerity measures. In response, no television or radio news bulletins will be broadcast, no news websites will be updated and no newspapers or magazines will be published until Wednesday.

    Until recently, the country of 11 million was home to 11 television channels, 71 radio stations, more than 22 national newspapers and countless weekly and monthly magazines.
    But since the start of the crisis in 2010, 30 per cent of journalists are now unemployed, and many dailies, such as Apogevmatini, Eleftherotypia and the weekly financial newspaper Kosmos tou Ependyti or Investor‘s World, are now out of print due to dwindling circulation.
    The journalists‘ union is demanding new collective labour contracts for the sector after staff at private television and radio stations say they are under pressure to renegotiate labour contracts with pay cuts of up to 30 per cent.
    (source: DPA)



    1. Better to hand over the keys to Germany…Belgium was without a government for 18 months without problems without scandals…


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