Benaki Museum Hosts Modern ‘Is My Scarf’ Exhibition

On May 30, Athenians will have the chance to visit an innovative and interesting exhibition at the Benaki Museum. The “Is My Scarf” exhibition presents Greek scarves made of pure silk.

The exhibits are made by Greek silk from Soufli. An international institute awarded a prize to the Soufli Silk Museum, recognizing the area as an important silk-producing center in Greece.

Maria Geroulia and Ioanna Soulioti are the main conspirators of this project, which aims at presenting the image of modern Greece from a more positive and creative perspective.

14 distinguished Greek fashion photographers took photos for the exhibition, each one from his own point of view. Costas Avgoulis, George Katsanakis, Dimitris Skoulos, Thanassis Krikis, Pavlos Efthimiou, Tassos Vrettos, Mara Desypri, Giannis Bournias, Vaggelis Kiris, Katerina Tsatsani, Bill Georgousis, George Malekakis and Harris Christopoulos are the photographers participating in this innovative project.

Any income made from sales will be provided to the Benaki Museum. Visitors also have the chance to buy the scarves at the end of the exhibition as well.


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