SYRIZA Former Candidate: “If We Governed for Only One Hour, It Would be a Catastrophe”

Nikos Hanias

A former SYRIZA party candidate in Corinth, Nikos Hanias, sent a letter to the party’s general secretary accusing SYRIZA of “destroying” Greece’s future.

Only a few days before the repeat elections on June 17, Mr Hanias decided to publish this unexpected letter and says that “if SYRIZA would govern for one hour only, this would be catastrophic for Greece and our children.”

In continuation he stated, “It is shameful and dishonorable that you are taking advantage of society’s justified rage and gambling with our future, betting on the possibility that our creditors are bluffing.” Mr Hanias added that his former party’s political program is surreal and has lost contact with reality.

Mr Hanias also described the true make up of  SYRIZA, saying that if the party gets elected, “everyone will burst into laughter when they realize what kind of  people have joined these groups” and concluded that he could no longer be member of a party that he terms  “extremely dangerous for the Greek people and their future.”

When the letter of the leftist ex-candidate went public, SYRIZA replied saying that this move coming days before the critical elections, is “an inexplicable and immoral act.” Many other left-wing parties suggest that Mr Hanias’ decision to leave the party so late, as he has already been aware of SYRIZA’s program, is duplicitous and tricky.


  1. Syriza is not good for the country…..Without a doubt it is not good for the future of the country…

  2. Because Syriza is promising 10 times the same thing that got Greece into trouble to begin with,.

    Who is going to pay for 100,000 new government workers?

    Where is he going to get the money to pay for all the benefits and wages he wants to restore? 

    Which part of NO MORE MONEY from Europe is Tsipras missing? 
    So what he has left is to either take Greece out of the Euro or more likely, start stealing people banks accounts. 

    To believe that Tsipras is going to get money from Germany while telling them to f*** off  or that he will magically turn rhetoric into money is delusional on a dangerous scale. 

  3. John you forgot that Syriza will bring the mafia with its equipments to print money to pay for the 100,000 new government workers or maybe bring the koukoulofori to work for free setting Greece on fire to wipe it completely from the map accusing the Germans of destroying the country to claim for more money…..

  4. I have four printers. I can print as much money as Tsipras can. And it will be worth he same too. Maybe more. 

    June 17 can be a historic moment for Greece. Vote for Tsipras and Wiki will happy to inclde Greeze as the first European “failed state”.

    Kali tixi.  


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