“Neo-Nazi Party Gives Free Food to Greek Citizens Only”

    Greek extremist party Golden Dawn gives free food to Greek citizens only in downtown Athens. How can they be sure that people gathered around them are Greek, you ask? They are asking for the recipients’ ID cards to prove their nationality.

    According to the far-right party’s officials, the unemployed and the families with many children were served first. More than 200 people showed up, according to witnesses.

    One woman in the queue told the BBC channel that the initiative made “Golden Dawn much more attractive”.

    Moreover, Golden Dawn spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris said the food, which included potatoes, pasta, milk and olive oil, came from Greek firms and Greek producers only in a bid to avoid previous ‘mistakes’ in past when soup kitchens offered items bought from German supermarkets.

    The Greek state and police officials reacted to the party’s decision to give free food at Syntagma Square, just right in front of the Greek Parliament. They ordered them to leave the Square since “Syntagma, the capital’s most famous square, is not available for such actions.” But the Golden Dawn members ignored orders.

    MP Ilias Kasidiaris described Mr Kaminis, mayor of Athens, as “mayor of illegal immigrants” and concluded in a clearly insulting language that Golden Dawn will keep flouting Greek officials’ decisions exactly like Greek citizens do.

    “Athens mayor Giorgos Kaminis does not mind when illegal immigrants and anarchists use the square,” said Mr Kasidiaris according to Ekathimerini website.

    Another Golden Dawn distinguished member, Mr Ilias Panagiotaros, stressed the fact that the party bought the food items with state money. “Our slogan is state money returns to citizens,” concluded Mr Panagiotaros.
    (Source: IBT)


    1. Marianna, if this is supposed to be a news story you’d do well to refrain from exclamation points. That makes your writing look immature! People don’t write like that! I’m sure see what I mean! It’s also only pushing people further into the arms of this party by describing them as neo-Nazi and wrongly saying they’re right-wing when they’re left-wing, a party born out of socialists. I realize that people are just lazy and repeating stuff, but I’m sure the Golden Dawn are nuts enough for Greeks to see how crazy they really are without the press elevating them. You could have, for example, done some original writing about how previous left-wing regimes such as Hitler and Mussolini’s Socialists and the Soviets would give away food to win the hearts and stomachs of the people. Perhaps you could even have appealed to Greek pride pointing out that potatoes are not a traditional Greek food. This would then have been the time to raise the specter of the WWII invasion and encourage people to say Oxi to Golden Dawn even if they are forced, thanks to the left-wing politics of the EU, to say yes to their food.

    2. Golden Dawn
      is a Neo-Nazi cancer. If Golden Dawn does not care about the immigrants in Greece, than we here in America should
      not care about the Greek immigrants, we should treat the Greek immigrants just
      like Golden Dawn treats their immigrants. Or maybe ship the Greeks back to
      their racist country Greece.
      The Greeks are so racist and we don’t need them here.

    3. America is huge, is made pretty much entirely out of invaders/immigrants, and has a track record of racism which Greece can never aspire to. Remember, racism against fellow Americans no less!! Greece is small – its population is even in decline – and unable to absorb many immigrants, let alone hundreds of thousands (millions?) of Sunni Muslims who are used by the Turks to destabilise Greece. The question of these illegal immigrants in Greece is a matter of national security, and all Greeks would be wise to open their eyes to this deadly problem before it’s too late. On the article’s point: anyone seriously suggesting that what Golden Dawn is doing is wrong – i.e. helping Greeks first – is so far gone, that I actually feel sorry for them. That’s coming from someone who wants Golden Dawn nowhere near any serious position of power.

    4. Luke just
      by your comment that Turks destabilize Greece is a racist comment.  There are ethnic Turks, ethnic Albanians,
      ethnic Macedonian and etc that are Greek citizens that live in Greece and are loyal to Greece.  But the Greek government don’t even recognize
       their rights as ethnic Turks, ethnic
      Albanians, ethnic Macedonian and etc. 
      The ethnic Turks, ethnic Albanians, ethnic Macedonian have lived in Greece for
      thousand of years but every Greek I speak to they hates the Turks and the
      Albanians.  When you mention to a Greek
      about Macedonians they say “no such a thing as Macedonians”.  They say “let me tell you the truth
      about Macedonia”.  The Greek government has been lying to the Greeks
      about the finances of your Greek state and they have been lying to you about
      the minorities that live in Greece.  I have been to Greece and I have met Macedonians,
      Turks, Albanians and Greeks.  Golden Dawn
      is a racist party.  Golden Dawn shows the
      true racist color of the Greek people.    

    5.  This must be the very first time in history that I’ve ever seen the Fascist party or the Nazi party referred to as a “left-wing” party.    That must make Golden Dawn some tree-hugging bunch of hippies.    Regardless, handing out food isn’t really the sole reserve for left or right wing extremists; soup kitchens have been run by the Salvation Army for years, but neither have I heard people calling the Salvation Army “extremists”.

      I’m also not particularly sure how stating that potatoes are not a traditionally Greek foodstuff achieves anything.   If this was the case, then everyone would say that Pizza isn’t Italian, because tomatoes are from the New World.

      The point of the article is however a valid one.    When an extremist party (like Golden Dawn) start handing out free food in times of crisis, no government would be able to respond effectively without losing more goodwill.

    6. You are clearly racist against Greeks, so I won’t waste my
      time with you much, suffice it to mention that it’s Turkish state policy to
      destabilise Greece through illegal immigration. This is an undeniable fact. You
      can cry “racist comment” all you like to suit your agendas and help
      bring Greece to ruin. Your claims that “ethnic Turks and others are loyal
      to Greece blah blah” is risible, and exposes yourself as a shameless
      propagandist. To be honest, I wasn’t even talking of the groups you mention,
      but for your information, they haven’t “lived in Greece for thousands of
      years” – as if they are some type of indigenous peoples. They are
      invaders. Slav-Bulgarians like you are not “ethnic Macedonians.” Accept
      your history and embrace it, and stop being racist to Slav-Bulgarians.

      Greeks hate Turks? Really? It might have something to do
      with the fact that they have invaded their land and held them as virtual slaves
      for a few centuries; stole their children and turned them into Turks; forced
      people in general to convert to their hideous religion which created more
      “Turks”; committed genocide against the Greeks of Anatolia in the
      early 20th century and have massacred Greeks throughout the centuries; drove
      the remaining Greeks of Constantinople out in 1955 in a barbaric pogrom; have
      ethnically cleansed Imvros and Tenedos and have made clear their intentions to
      seize other islands and the Aegean Sea; their invasion and occupation of
      Cyprus, etc etc etc. Don’t think this is merely a Greek phenomenon either.


    7. Luke if you are stating the other minorities are not loyal
      to the country they live in, it’s the same as saying that the Greek minority living
      in America are not loyal to America. 
      Then the Greeks should get out of America
      and go back to Greece.  Again you prove my point by call the
      Macedonians that live in Greece
      “Slav-Bulgarians”.  As I mentioned Greeks
      also say “no such a thing as Macedonians”. The UN just did a study a couple of
      years ago and they said there are Macedonians, Turks, Albanians and etc that
      live in Greece but have no minority rights. 
      The UN never said “Slav-Bulgarians”. You Luke are brain washed by the
      Greek government. You state the Turks invaded Greece a few centuries ago and
      that justifies why the ethnic Turks are treat as second class citizens in
      Greece.  What is the matter with you? That
      was Centuries ago.  What has this
      generation of ethnic Turks that are Greek Citizens and live in Greece done against Greece?  I am talking about the Greek Citizens of
      ethnic Turks in Greece?
      You are telling me you would treat someone inhuman for something his great,
      great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, grandfather
      did.  You Luke must be racist.  You lost your mind.  When will the Greeks stop hating other people
      that are not Greek? You have some hate issues that you need to deal with.

    8. Golden Dawn is a racist movement and just like the Nazi in the 1939 in Germany.  By the end of 1945 every allied country including Greece wanted to destroy the German Nazis and they did.  Golden Dawn attacks people that are not Greek by blood, just like the Nazi’s did in Germany before and during WW2 to there German Citizens that were not German by blood and the Jewish people. 

    9. Golden Dawn is doing  what is right and Natural. usazogiztan must get on with the  same .

    10. SophiaH it is not right and Natural to be racist.  Golden Dawn and its supporters are Nazis and goes to show how racists you are.  It is not o.k. to let Non-Greeks by Blood to be beaten up by Golden Dawn members.  It is not o.k. to only feed the Greeks and let the Non-Greeks children starve.  Were is your humanity.  I feel sorry for you Greeks.  Your hatred for other people will be your down fall.   

    11.  johnsmith

      it is NOT  “racist” to take  care of your OWN
      for you  to rush to use the word
      racist” as epithet  shows you  have the system of  shutting  up  dissent  down as your  way of  operating.

      No  I am  not  “racist” but you are  as it is you who stops to  name calling  to  keep
      in  force the  failing  agenda of the  REAL  “racists’ who invented the  epithet in
      17th  century  to hold down  those who  rebelled against the nasty label  inventors  fro  taking over their  lands even back  then.

      this is  same as  calling Golden Dawn “nazi”

      Thats  just a  smear  because the Global Management  Team who owns all media
      is intent on preventing  any  resistance  to that Team  of  International Bankers  from  achieving their NWO  goal.

      wakey wakey parrots.

      if u  NEED  to  keep  calling me names do so but  I  have o time  for  those so
      totally brainwashed to the  worlds  realities  so  NO  I  wont  come here to play your
      juvenile slap the victim  games.

      Golden Dawn is doing  exactly  what every  nation  should be  doing  right NOW.

      bye  bubbulah, enjoy  your jerking  around  here.


    12. I see my  reply here  was  removed

      there was NO  foul  language or attacks

      so  this  site is a zogshill site

    13. repost of my  removed  post:

      johnsmithit is NOT  “racist” to take  care of your OWNfor you  to rush to use the word racist” as epithet  shows you  have the system of  shutting  up  dissent  down as your  way of  operating.No  I am  not  “racist” but you are  as it is you who stops to  name calling  to  keepin  force the  failing  agenda of the  REAL  “racists’ who invented the  epithet in 17th  century  to hold down  those who  rebelled against the nasty label  inventors  fro  taking over their  lands even back  then.this is  same as  calling Golden Dawn “nazi”Thats  just a  smear  because the Global Management  Team who owns all mediais intent on preventing  any  resistance  to that Team  of  International Bankers  from  achieving their NWO  goal.

    14. Sophia,

      If you are talking about taking care of YOUR OWN you mean all Greek Citizens including enthic Turks, ethnic Albanians, ethnic Macedonians, Africans, Jewish people and etc.  that live in Greece and that are Greek citizens than that is not racist.  But when Golden Dawn and you talk about taking care of your own meaning Greeks by blood only that is racist. And if you don’t see anything wrong with that there is something wrong with you. Hitler in the 1930’s talk about how the Jewish people and non-germans by blood were bad for Germany and he tried to wipe out the jewish people and all non-German people.  Greece fought against Germany Nazi but now Greece is slowly becoming a Nazi state.   

    15. I don’t see
      any invaders invading Greece,
      I just see Greek corrupt people stealing from their own country. The Greek
      people and Greek government are corrupt, don’t pay taxes steel from their own
      state. How many immigrants are there in Greece
      that have better jobs in Greece
      than the Greeks? How many rich immigrants are there in Greece? How
      many immigrants are there that live better in Greece than the Greek people. The
      problem in Greece
      is not minorities or immirgrants it’s the Greek people. 
      The Greek people are taking there own Country down and blaming someone
      else for their problems.

    16. As this  site  keeps removing my  comments there is no reason for me to  post
      an alt  view from the shills who post same old same old lies
      ONLY ziunist  opinions are allowed here

      censorship !

    17. luck to you Luke
      all my  comments, no foul language or epothets
      have been removed saying  much the  same as you are
      I suspect a couple os  shills falg every alt  view
      best to you in  getting  LOGIC  across

    18. why dont you mods just BLOCK my IP instead of this juvenile game of  removing my  comments ?

      you like the POWER in  censoring  to much to simply block

      sad you are.

    19. Sophia,

      You have no logic when you blame someone else for the problems the Greeks create.

    20. sophia,

      I see all your posts. what are you talking about your posts are removed?  shows how racist you are again blaming ” ziunist” for removing posts. What have the Jewish people ever done to you to blame?  And you say Golden Dawn and it’s supportors are not racist?  Just look at your comments the Jewish people removing your post.  why?

    21. You would be doing Greece a favor by sending all these millions of very succesful, well educated and wealthy diaspora Greeks (who are legal immigrants by the way) back to Greece. 

      The illegal immigrants in Greece pose a threat to their cultural continuation and their sovereignty. The Greeks are wise to take actions. I think that more countries will follow suit. Europeans in general are fed up with illegal immigration.  

    22. I was trying to realize what you are talking about and found out that the comments you say they removed are all here!! If you were patient enough and loaded the comments two or three times, you would find them… I found at least twice the comment “johnsmith it is NOT racist..” Ghosts are only within our sould Sophia

    23. Take the food but don’t support the racism. Better still, take the food and share it with those whom Golden Dawn refuse to give food. That is the best way to send our message that we are not going to be BRIBED into supporting racism. 

    24. If you were in their position you wouldn’t give the food to anyone. If you didn’t have money to eat, would you even consider giving to someone random? especially illegal immigrants and leave your family starving to death? You might say see it that way but this is NOT racism. The term Racism is totally misunderstood. It basically means to verbally or practically assault someone because of his race. Not because a specific team has made its choice

    25. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racism
      Racism is usually defined as views, practices and actions reflecting the belief that humanity is divided into distinct biological groups called races and that members of a certain race share certain attributes which make that group as a whole less desirable, more desirable, inferior or superior.[

      One of the practices/actions mentioned above is: Racial Discrimination


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