Tunisian Immigrant Stabbed to Death in Thessaloniki

    Another immigrant has been stabbed to death in Greece, the second in a week. The victim, a 25-year-old Tunisian, was found outside the entrance to a building in Thessaloniki a little after midnight on Aug. 14, stabbed in the neck. A 19-year-old Iraqi was stabbed to death in Athens, one of a growing spate of attacks against immigrants as the government conducts a sweep to round up foreigners living unlawfully in Greece.

    The Tunisian victim was found by a passing delivery boy. Police said they were looking for two other Tunisians believed to have had a quarrel with the victim and rejected that it was a racist attack. It came at time of growing tension and violence against immigrants in Greece, stoked by the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, which won 18 seats in Parliament on a platform to rid Greece of all immigrants.