Bomb Explodes Outside Greek Bank Branch

    A makeshift bomb exploded outside a National Bank of Greece branch in Athens early on Aug. 28, causing minor damage but no injuries, police said. Windows were smashed and four parked cars were hit with debris from the blast, which took place about 4 a.m  in the western suburb of Ilion, Reuters reported.
    “We suspect it is linked to terrorism,” said a police official who declined to be named. The medium-sized device was planted underneath the bank’s ATM machine, police said, adding that there had been no warning call and no one claimed responsibility.

    Arson attacks against banks, foreign firms and politicians have become more frequent in Greece in recent years as the country battles soaring unemployment and struggles through a recession deepened by austerity policies imposed by foreign lenders. They are usually blamed on far-left groups.

    In June, gunmen rammed a van packed with gas canisters into Microsoft΄s Greek headquarters in Athens and then set the vehicle on fire. A fringe leftist militant group claimed responsibility for that attack. A bomb was also found on a Metro train in the neighborhood of Egaleo but removed before it exploded.

    (Source: Reuters, Capital)


    1. This is why both left and right wing extremism sucks. Greece needs to reject these  populist basket case parties like Golden Dawn and Syriza that have exploited the mess our central parties have made of our government fiances. Their extremist rhetoric will only encourage civil strife.,


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