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Golden Dawn Rises Again, Overtakes PASOK

Capitalizing on growing social unrest over record unemployment, resentment against immigrants and rising crime, and planned new government austerity measures, the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party has jumped into third place in popularity among Greek political parties, overtaking the once-dominant PASOK Socialists.

According to a Pulse survey, Golden Dawn, which won 18 seats in Parliament in the June 17 elections with 6.97 percent of the vote, now has 10.5 percent while PASOK, under new leader Evangelos Venizelos who has given his support to the ruling government of New Democracy Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, has fallen to only 8 percent.

The Democratic Left is also a member of the uneasy coalition government but, in a sign it is also feeling the wrath of disenchanted voters furious that the leftist members of the government have reneged on campaign pledges to resist more austerity measures, has fallen two points to only 4.5 percent.

New Democracy retains first place with 25 percent, falling from 29.7 percent after it won in June, but only one point ahead of the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) which is at 24 percent and finished a close second in the elections. SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras has been hounding Samaras for going back on his word to try to renegotiate terms of a second pending bailout from international lenders who have demanded $14.6 billion in new cuts and more reforms.

The biggest beneficiary of growing disillusionment in Greece, however, has been Golden Dawn, which got only 0.29 percent of the vote in the 2009 elections, won by PASOK with 44 percent, showing how far the Socialists have fallen. Venizelos and Democratic Left leader Fotis Kouvelis are now reportedly trying to distance themselves from the coming cuts they had supported.

Golden Dawn’s platform, critics said, is based on hate, fear and xenophobia and the party is openly anti-immigrant and has been linked to beatings and attacks on immigrants, which it denies. Samaras, trying to gain the right as well, has initiated a roundup of illegal immigrants in a bid to ease public perception that the foreigners are to blame for rising crime as Greeks suffer waves of pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions, with more coming.

(Sources: Kathimerini, AP, Reuters)


Andy Dabilis :

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  • As the by now loved and famous Golden Dawn MP & lead spokesman, (& former Special forces commando) 31 year old Ilias Kasidiaris, said a couple of weeks ago, during a speech in the Greek parliament, the first two letters of PASOK, should stand for Pakistani Socialist, especially since PASOK supports 3rd-World immigration into Greece as vehemently as does that other treasonous (and fast falling in opinion polls) SYRIZA party. In fact ILLEGAL Pakistani immigrants have adopted PASOK as the party that represents them.
    It is SO GOOD TO SEE that PASOK which last became the ruling Party of Greece in 2009, with 44% of the vote, has now shrunk to 8%, and Golden Dawn, which scored a measly 0.29% in 2009, has now overtaken PASOK, to become the 3rd largest party in Greece, with 10.5%.
    At this rate, Golden Dawn should be the biggest political party in Greece, within 6 to 12 months!
    GOLDEN DAWN is loved by the Greek people, because the Greek people can see that they are political party that genuinely sticks to it's ideology, and geniuinely cares for the greatness and wellbeing of the Greek people.
    p.s. All European nationalists, should understand that as soon as Golden Dawn takes over in Greece, they will clean up and rapidly deport all 2 MILLION ILLEGAL 3rd-World immigrants out of Greece, & they will investigate and jail (to the joy of the people) all thecorrupt  formerly "mainstream" politicians who had ruled Greece for 38 years.
    The people of all other European nations will then say: WE WANT THE SAME IN OUR COUNTRIES ! If the Greeks managed to expell all illegal immigrants, and jail most of their former "mainstream" politicians, then we want to see Gorden Brown, and Tony Blair, and David Cameron, and Angela Merkel, and Sarkozy, and Hollande etc and all their partners tried, for treason and jailed !!!! 
    Once the Indigenous White people of Europe, experience the joy of having their nations governed by nationalists that trully love their nation, and having their nations free of 3rd-World immigrants, they will never want to go back to that hellish artificial imported 3rd-World multiCULTuralism that the treasonous political/media establishments and Jewish lobbies have currently pushed them into now!
    They will also finally learn en-masse about the Jewish role in the multiCULTural destruction of Europe!

      • You support people who come illegally into Grece, say they have rights and all this crap and then you tell to a foreigner that he hasn't the right to say a thing regarding Greece because he isn't Greece ... How hypocrite. Not let me tell you a thing mister muslim : You aren't Greek because a Greek CAN'T be a muslim. If a Greek becomes a muslim, then he is a Turk. So you are a Turk and it's who you should mind you own business.
        For Example in the Lausanne Treaty passed between Hellas and Turkey in the 1920s, all muslims from Greece were deported to Turkey and all Orthodox Christians from Turkey were deported to Greece. So Greeks = Orthodox Christians and Muslims = Turks and Turks and Greeks are the worst enemies, so you are an enemy of my people.
        And also don't forget that you muslims are exactly the same as the israelis : You occupy Constantinoupolis and the isrealis occupy Jerusalem, it's the same situation.
        I guess we can tell what is currently happening more like that : Golden Dawn (the Greek Hamas) is chasing the zionists (muslims colonizers who still occupies Constantinoupolis, Cyprus and the Orthodox Serbian province of Kosovo) out of Hellas.
        So Good luck to you zionist muslim Salconstandinidis.

          • First of all Iam not Muslim Iam a Marxist there are its a fact 1'500 Greek converts to Islam in Athens Greece They are more Greek than you this is a realty in a modern Greece when someone becomes a Greek citzen he Can be any Relgion or no Relgion that's a fact read the laws of Greece and its funny you call Golden Dawn the Greek Hamas funny coming from an anti Muslim like you .

          • The actual Greek state is a religious Orthodox Christian State so to be Greek you need to be Orthodox Christian wether you like it or not. Our ancestors fought to build this state and chose to build it around the Orthodox Religion. Also multiculturalism is a weapon of mass destruction of the society and will lead to another Yougoslavia. Did you see what happened in Kosovo in 1999 ? The muslims albanians who had became the majority demanded the independance from Serbia and it ended in a bloody war, I don't want this for my country and my people but because of people like you it will happen but not only in Greece but in whole EU. Also don't forget that our ancestors fought against ottomans (turks+arabs+egyptians+mongols muslims) for 400 hundred years to free Hellas so we won't accept the colonizers (muslims) to return, especially since Orthodox territories like Constantinoupolis, Cyprus in 1974 and recently kosovo are being occupied by muslims. Also if we go to war with Turkey, it would be dangerous for us to let muslims on our turf (They would surely support the turks against us because most of the muslims are muslims first) and if you were a Greek you should understand this or perhaps you are just an idiot ...

  • What amazes me is that there are still people who haven't figured out that anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  • and to all you pure whites below: and just who is going to do all the work the whites wont do anymore, laboring on building sites, picking fruit and veg in the fields and (in other 'white' countries) cleaning the streets and collecting the rubbish ......

    • You are very racist, aren't you ? You consider immigrants as inferior beings necessery to do the dirty jobs that nobody wants. In fact you want non-white working for you and servicing you, right mister white slaver ? An answer for you : We always managed to do what needed to be done, after all our history is 5000 years. We aren't so weak to be unable to take care of ourself and our people. It's the bosses and their leftists liberal friends who prefer to hire illegal immigrants because they are cheap compared to the local people who demand a decent salary. In fact leftists are slavers who try to profit from the  immigrants (making them work for a very little salary) while in the same time making the local people unemployed (because the jobs are taken by theses illegal immigrants who accept to be paid a misery). This situation has a name : Slavery.
      Also with 50% of the local youth unemployed and some local families having difficulties to feed their children because they are unemployed or haven't been payed, it's not surprising that the local peoples are getting more and more pissed at the illegal immigrants who are taking their jobs and I don't speak about the rise in criminality (they still have to eat like everybody and since there aren't jobs ...)
      Local people have the right to live too, you know and illegal people are giving a bad names to all immigrants and especially the legal ones.

  • So 10.5% of Greeks are cowards who turn to racism as soon as economic conditions turn bad.  Golden Dawn is only able to gain popularity during a crisis because it is only when the economy is bad is the temptation to selfishness greatest, so that all the cowards come out of the woodwork.

    Remember: to endure bad times and yet continue to be fair and sympathetic to everyone is the true test of courage.

    •  It's hard to be sympathetic to Muslim invaders who hate Western values and traditions.


      In all fairness, your information
      has been provided to you by a media group that are paid well to “black out”
      important information that does not suit the globalist agenda. Paradoxically,
      the leftist camp that will agree with such publications will protest against globalization.

       Given one example; over twenty four hundred
      years ago the population of Sparta was under ten thousand. The population of
      Sparta today is currently only about fifteen thousand factoring in the numerous
      attempts of genocide toward Greeks over the ages.

      Though the Greek gene pool is not
      entirely pure, the culture continues to forge into time.  Greeks are not to be confused as “white” as
      there have always been five genetic sub-groups of various colours that carry the
      common Greek genetic thread.

      Greeks are therefore are not
      racists but are instead, ethno conservationists with a broad spectrum of culture
      that they have a right to defend and the most generously designed language of
      over six million words that is nothing like any language of recorded human history.

      Greek people, whose knowledge has
      been shared with the world, appeared spontaneously in the Mediterranean as an
      advanced society with no evidence of evolution or migration.

      The “IXOP” (English:  “IHOR”) is a unique gene that will identify
      those of Greek heritage and is a controversial matter kept privy by the bearers
      of knowledge throughout history who have utilized Greek thought for their benefit.
      The Greek race will therefor always fear for its extinction.

      Ioannis Kolovos.

    • Your demand that Greeks be "fair and sympathetic to everyone" means, I suspect, open borders and welfare for whoever wants to come to Greece.  In 2010, 10% of the Greek population emigrated, no doubt disproportionately young people whose families will assimilate with their destination country and never be Greek again.  The Greek people are fighting for their very survival and you are demonizing them for putting their own children first.  Do you hate the Greeks or something?  Why are advocating polices that willl lead to a future with no Greek children?

      • "In 2010, 10% of the Greek population emigrated, no doubt disproportionately young people whose families will assimilate with their destination country and never be Greek again."

        If a Greek can migrate out of Greece and assimilate into his destination country and never be Greek again, then by the same logic someone from another country can migrate into Greece and assimilate and become Greek. 

        How would Greek immigrants to other countries like to be treated in their destination countries? Would they wish to be beaten up by far-right thugs? If not, then Greece should not tolerate its own far-right thugs who beat up immigrants. Treat others as you would wish to be treated. It amazes me how easily people forget this.

        • Alex,

          I suspect you are a nationalist, too.  You just don't realize it.

          Suppose the Greek army were to barge into Libya and say, we need your oil so our people can have a better life.

          Then, the Libyans say, "no we need the oil for our own people." Or they say, "Okay but you're gonna have to pay $100 a barrell for it. We need that money to provide for our own people."

          Would you say, "It is cowardly to put your own people first"?

          No you wouldn't.  It is ONLY white countries and ALL white countries that are held to this ridiculous standard of total self-denial.

          Anti-whites say that what belongs to non-whites belongs to non-whites, and what belongs to whites belongs to non-whites, too.

          I guess AnotherWhiteRabbit has a point when he says that anti-racist is just a code word for anti-white.

          • If Greeks wish to live and work in Libya, I would support their freedom to do so. If Libyans wish to live and work in Greece, I would support their freedom to do so also. This is one standard for all.

            No country should steal oil from another by force, to answer your question. But all people should be free to join whichever country they wish. Colour is irrelevant.

            You and the other racists are afraid to deal with my actual ideas, so you would rather attack a ridiculous straw man. What better evidence than this of your cowardice?

          • You completely evaded my point Mr. Commie Leftraitor scum. 

            If Greece belongs to everybody, then so does Libya.  If Libya belongs to everybody,  then so does Libya's oil. If Libya's oil belongs to everybody, then she has no right to withold it from others.  If she has no right to withold it from others, it cannot be theft to take it.

            Tell me,  if a Libyan moves to Norway, are they still Libyan or are they Norwegian?  If a collection of Libyan  Muslims concentrates in a town and demands Sharia Law, should that be allowed?  Why or why not?  Do you believe in democracy and self-government?

            If you think I am being paranoid or hysterical, read this:


            Do you think the Norwegian government has a right or duty to protect its own citizens from terrorism or from separatist movements that would force ethnic Norwegians to move or live under Sharia Law if their neighborhood is taken over by Muslims?

            Please outline exactly how you plan to manage the ethnic strife that will result from your open-borders free-for-all ideology.  The way it appears to me is that in Europe, minorities get their way because they are willing to resort to violence while the ethnic population is law abiding. 

            And please don't tell me "they're not all like that."  It doesn't matter.  A fanatical minority is plenty to impose its will on a terrorized majority.  It only takes a few thugs to make an entire neighborhood unliveable for the natives.

            But you don't give a damn about the ethnic populations and their way of life. You only care about your poor, oppressed, romantic Third World immigrants.

          • I never said that Greece, or Libya, belong to everybody.

            The oil of Libya belongs to the people who live in Libya, including the former Greeks who have migrated to Libya. That is completely different from saying that the oil of Libya belongs to the Greeks who STAYED in Greece.

            The same applies to the resources of Greece: they belong to the people who live in Greece, including the former Libyans who have migrated to Greece. That is completely different from saying that the resources of Greece belong to the Libyans who STAYED in Libya.

            I can scarcely believe that I need to spell it out like this.

            If a Libyan migrates to Norway with the intent to stay there, he should give up Libyan citizenship and receive Norwegian citizenship. Thereafter he is Norwegian. (The same also applies in reverse, by the way.)

            I believe people should be free to follow whatever religious code of behaviour they choose, including Sharia, so long as this does not involve them breaking national laws. Sharia is not an alternative to national laws, it is something that people follow IN ADDITION to national laws.

            The best way to stop "ethnic strife" is to fight those who encourage it. Plenty of people get along fine regardless of ethnicity, it's only the racists on each side (such as yourself, or Golden Dawn) who won't be satisfied until you ruin it for everyone else.

            As I said, if there are criminals among immigrants, arrest them just like any other criminals. But as soon as you start blaming the innocent just because they have the same ethnicity as the criminal, YOU are part of the problem.

        • You are living in a rainbow and lollypops fairyland Alex. 1 in 4 Greeks are unemployed as it is and you expect them to accept thousands upon thousands of immigrants on top of that?
          Not to mention the immense amount of crime these "poor persecuted immigrants" bring with them.

          "Golden Dawn is only able to gain popularity during a crisis because it
          is only when the economy is bad is the temptation to selfishness
          greatest, so that all the cowards come out of the woodwork." - Quite the opposite really you fool. The cowards are the politically correct "Anti-Racists" who are so afraid of being labeled a "Racist" they actively engage in heaping the funeral pyre of their own nation.

          You and your kind are traitors pure and simple.

          You say you are anti-racist but really you are just anti-White.

          Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-White.

          • Unemployment is a result of reduced customer demand, which leads to shrinking of businesses, which leads to jobs being cut. Immigrants are customers, who create more demand for services, which creates more jobs. Ask any small business owner how many of his customers are immigrants.

            Courage is to disregard one's own interests for the sake of being fair to everyone. Cowardice is to secure one's own interests and not care what happens to others. Racist politics are the politics of cowardice. Your need to call me "anti-white" shows that you are a coward who cares not about what is fair, but only about what's in it for people of your own colour.

          • These immigrants do not assimilate.  Indeed, it is considered "fascist" to demand that they do so.  Muslims are setting up parallel societies all over Europe.

            Even if they do assimilate, how do you think a Greek grandmother feels when she has fly all the way to Australia to see her Grandchildren, if she can even afford to do so.  How do you think she feels when she can't even communicate with them?

            These immigrants do not have the skills to contribute to the economy.  They are a net drain.  Any money illegal immigrants spend to stimulate demand was taken from the Greeks by crime, taxation, or labor force replacement, and that is money they do not have to spend themselves. 

            Allowing people who already have their own countries to also dispossess Greek children of their own homeland is not "fair to everyone."  It is conquest, dispossession, and ultimately genocide.

          • Most immigrants assimilate and contribute to the economy just fine. Only a few do not, yet it is those few that the media focus on to give easily frightened people like you the wrong impression. Assimilated immigrants are not newsworthy, so they go unmentioned in the media, and people like you assume they do not exist. Do not take my word for it. Go out and meet some immigrants in person and see if most of them are not just ordinary people trying to cope with the same problems that we all have to cope with in these hard times. Judge only people whom you personally know.

            Dispossession means driving people off their property. Immigrants do not dispossess anyone. They pay rent or buy property (and yes, *gasp* contribute to the economy) just like anyone else. You want to see dispossession? Look at the Golden Dawn goons who smash immigrant-owned shops and beat up immigrants until they move. THAT is dispossession.

            Nobody is free to choose where they were born, so everyone should be free to choose where they wish to live. Greeks who have moved to other countries should be free to stay in those countries; similarly, people from other countries who have moved to Greece should be free to stay in Greece. Anything else is unfair.

          • You say most immigrants assimilate just fine.  I think you're wrong, but it doesn't matter anyway.  Entire towns can be ruined and made unliveable for the natives if only a fraction of immigrants become a criminal nuisance.

            The Greek government has admitted that foreigners are responsible for the crime problem:


            You worry incessantly about innocent immigrants yet you worry NOT AT ALL. about Greeks.  If Greece will not protect Greeks, who will?  Who will look out for Greek children?

            Immigrants ARE dispossessing Greek children.  Greeks are being forced to emigrate from the country their ancestors lived in for THOUSANDS of years by crime, competition for jobs from immigrants, and a government that is to busy providing for immigrants to help them start a life.  How is that not conquest and dispossession?

            You just don't care about Greeks and you don't care about Europeans.  You are an International Marxist who sees the non-whites of the Third World as the New Proletariat engaged in a Righteous Struggle against the White Oppressor Class.  In your black communist, white-hating heart, you probably secretly think immigrant crime is Righteous Revolutionary Class Struggle against White Privilege. 

            That's what you really think, isn't it, Commie Leftraitor Scum?

          • When a crime is committed in Greece, the criminal is arrested and punished. That is Greece protecting Greeks. Whether the criminal is an immigrant or not is irrelevant. Judge people by their actions, not by their origins. And judge each person as an individual.

            Men are responsible for far more crime than women. Does that mean that we should treat all men as criminals? Do you see how absurd generalization is?

            Nobody is being "forced" to do anything. Anyone who migrates chooses freely to do so. Greeks are free to seek opportunities abroad, and others are free to seek opportunities in Greece. That is as fair as it gets. If a Greek finds a job in another country, good for him. If someone from another country finds a job in Greece, good for him also. Or if they find a job in their original countries, that's fine too.

            What's not fine is when people like you come along and say that certain people should not even be allowed to LOOK for a job in certain places, because of their color.

    •  I agree with your negative assessment of Golden Dawn... but would also throw in populists lefitst extremists like Syriza that also exploit bad times.(the exact opposite of GD extremely anti-hellenic)

      Vote for me. Vote for me. I will give you free money comrade.

      Good grief.  I can't believe after this massive debt mess some people still stupidly fall for this sort of cheap vote bribery.

  •  Marxist scum. That says it all.

    1. Try to imagine how much brainwashing it would take to convince all
    the Asians living in Asia, that they need to go ahead and replace
    themselves (in Asia) with North African Muslims????

    2. Now imagine that they were so totally brainwashed that they really believed it would be RACIST not to????

    If you manage to do that: Welcome to the world of the White Anti-Whites!

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  • If diversity isn’t forced, why is there affirmative action & racial employment quotas?
    If diversity isn’t forced, why aren’t White People allowed to vote to stop mass non-White immigration into White countries & only White countries?
    If diversity isn’t forced, why is integration of ALL & ONLY White communities forced?
    If diversity isn’t forced, then you describe the diversity we are forced to accept?
    Anti-racist = anti-White

  • Though there is credence to some
    of what the media may say about sympathisers of the Golden Dawn Party,
    reporting is often skewed.

    The recent story about a fifteen year old Greek girl that was brutally raped
    and beaten by an illegal migrant Pakistani man who then tossed her into a
    ravine to die has been wrongfully interpreted by various ultra- leftist news
    reporting agencies that will only say that the girl was "assaulted' and
    that her assailant was somehow a victim of racism.

  • Good luck to Golden Dawn. I only hope the rest of Europe awakes in time to stop our genocide.

    •  Good luck, my friend. You guys need to mobilize to throw the leftist traitors out of power and save your culture and identity.

  • Support to brave Golden Dawn militant in their struggle against the zionist, Nato, Usa and bankers.
    Europe must be the place for europeans like africa for africans and asia for asian!
    Go away all the zionists, the multiculturalists, the liberals, the non-white immigrants!

  • It's about time Golden Dawn rises in popularity.  They are the only party who truly cares about the Greek people and the country.  They are true patriots.  I say it's also time the crooks in New Democracy and PASOK get tried and arrested for treason for the 30 years of theft of billions of dollars, or should I say, Euros, that caused this catastrophe to begin with.

    I don't see Golden Dawn as racist.  I see them as patriots who don't want their country and culture destroyed by the thieving politicians of ND and PASOK, or the waves of illegals who go to Greece to kill and steal.

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