Crete Pitches Itself to Greek-Ukrainian Forum

A Greek-Ukrainian forum on Crete brought business leaders from both countries closer together and gave companies on the island a chance to pitch their products, especially olive oil, for exports, as well as tourism and real estate opportunities to be had.

This was the fourth time that a delegation from Ukraine came to Crete, which is trying to boost its international presence and showcase some of its world-class products. All three sectors – food, tourism and real estate – were presented in a single exhibition.

The number of Ukrainian tourists to Crete increased by 70% this summer, while there was a 25 percent surge of Russian visitors. Cretan businesses hope that their products will follow to those countries as well as other foreign markets and that will in turn bring in more visitors and people interested in opening businesses and buying property.

  • Cypriot

    Greece needs to look towards developing new products to show off other than olive oil and feta.

  • This is how people from all over the world would start to spend their money in Greece. I hope, for the last time the Greek Public Sector to stand as it has in order bureaucracy won’t be a serious obstruction. 

  • Villa Paxos

    I agree with of you people

  • most of the countries should follow that path because the problem is still major