Illegal Migrant Killed During Car Chase Near Border with Turkey

    Greek police say an illegal migrant has been killed during a police chase near the border with Turkey in northeast Greece.
    Police gave chase Sunday morning to three cars, two carrying illegal migrants and an escort vehicle, when one of the cars swerved and hit a barrier. The migrant, an Eritrean national in his late 20s, was pronounced dead at a hospital.
    Two of the other eight migrants in the car were slightly injured. The escort car was stopped, but the third vehicle escaped. The migrants were from Eritrea, Morocco and Syria. The drivers of the cars, Georgian nationals, were arrested, as was the person, an Iranian, who apparently escorted the migrants across the border.
    (source: ana-mpa)



    1. In other news… alleged “human rights’ organization Helsinki Greece protests against Greek state brutality for trying to catch illegals. Panayotes Dimitras statds “Greeks live in fantasies of illegal immigration problem. The people in the car were actually the oppressed irredentist “ancient ethnic Macedonian” minority vistiting from Skopia”.

      Shame on the Greek people for expecting its soverign borders and identity be respected by other ethnic groups.

    2. They should send them back to their homeland and the Georgians be jailed for taking part in this arrangement escape…

    3. Illegal immigration is a huge problem in Greece and is costing her a lot of money – money which she doesn’t have.

    4. Unfortunately a few ranting treasonous antiHellenic  politicians  (and even some NGOs) try to dishonestly frame their tacit crypto-marxist support of unregulated immigration as
      “human rights”) Illegals should be deported. Period. Any Greeks being slandered as “racist” for expecting our borders respected is the real target of racism. Greeks shouldn’t be singled out for something every country in the world does.  Frankly, given the scope of the problem I would even take it further strip some illegals that were ridiculously given legal status by simply waiting until an unprincipled administration gave in to their blackmail.

      That said, we should not achieve that by supporting lawless thugs like Golden Dawn. We should do it by streamlining the deportation process.  I don’t believe the majority of GD members are suddenly fascists but because our main parties failed to protect Hellenism and our borders they were driven to the only voice that put preserving our identity back on the agenda.  Our mainstream parties need to listen (especially the left) to woo back those angry voters to a more rational approach to dealing with our problems but not attack Hellenism as a response as some pretentious incompetent pundits and politicians do because they just parrot what their foreign colleagues say (typically leftists that get their “news” from rags like the Guardian)

      We should not buckle to the antiHellenic foreign bigots (including a few pretentious alleged human rights organizations like ranters at Helsinki Greece) trying to redefine our Greek identity to try and hide their shame for supporting FYROM ultra nationalists.  Our debt was our mistake but on the FYROM issue we are in the moral right. We called it in good faith 20 year ago and were mocked by FYROM’s apologists. Those same apologist now  dishonestly pretend not to notice their sudden identity change into “ancient Macedonians” and irredentism to try and cover up their shame. We need to call this out. We need to protect our borders. And we need to remember the name of our country.


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