Tsipras Calls for Mass Protests Against Austerity

SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras says he’s standing by to be Greece’s new leader if the government falls

Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) leader Alexis Tsipras has dismissed hopes that Greece would get  two-year extension to meet reduce its deficit and impose more austerity on orders of international lenders as a failed scheme he said would mean only “more rope to hang ourselves with.”

He also said that Greeks should take to the streets en masse to protest another 11.5 billion euros or $14.6 billion in cuts demanded by international lenders that the uneasy coalition government of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is ready to impose, primarily aimed at workers, pensioners and the poor.

Tsipras, who finished a close second to the New Democracy Conservative leader in the June 17 elections, said he would be ready to govern “tomorrow” if the government falls, but offered no solutions to the crushing economic crisis.

Greece is being kept alive by a first series of $152 billion in rescue loans from the Troika of the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank (EU-IMF-ECB) and awaiting the last installment, of $38.8 billion, this month, without which there won’t be money to pay workers and pensioners. A second bailout, for $173 billion, is on hold until the government, which also includes the PASOK Socialists and Democratic Left, makes more cuts and institutes further reforms.

The monies though came with conditions of deep pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions and Samaras has been publicly pleading for another two years, until 2016, to meet the demands and there are signs that Troika officials are willing to grant it. Tsipiras though said it would do nothing to help the economy.

Speaking to reporters at the Thessaloniki International Fair, an event that Samaras ducked, the Leftist leader said that, “We are being led into a drawn-out ordeal. The climate is changing, but for the worse and if the government does eventually succeed in passing the measures for 11.5 billion euros it will have little chance of longevity.”

He said Samaras was looking for a “golden mean” with the Troika by requesting a two-year extension to the period during which it has committed to implementing a series of painful cost-cutting and structural reform measures in exchange for bailout funding. “But all it will do is make the rope with which we hang ourselves longer,” Tsipras said. “What is important to us is that we do not continue down the slippery slope of disaster,” he added.

Tsipras cautioned however, that he has no panacea and said if SYRIZA took over that, “The road will not be paved with a red carpet and rose petals,” adding that “No one will be saved by placing their hopes on SYRIZA to save them; we can all be saved together if we take our fates into our own hands,” he said, urging mass public protests against the planned measures. Several sectors of workers have already conducted strikes and the country’s two largest public and private labor unions are planning a general strike and mass protest on Sept. 26.

Samaras said that Tsipras’ actions would force Greece out of the Eurozone, back to the ancient drachma and into complete collapse and chaos and has depicted the Leftist leader as reckless and irresponsible.











  1. Yes Tsipra, protest but first send your troops to burn Athens and later take them all and go in Mykonos for a holiday with some russian blondies…

  2. Some solutions :
    1)general strike – without limit.
    2)Russia or China could rent an island for 100 years – example Hongkong.
    3)100% tax on income above 1000 US $ a month.

  3. yawn. Ranting commies calls for protest for money our government doesn’t have. “Generously” supports straight out welching on our debts to foreign lenders. Frames it “human rights’ and “justice”.

    Vote for me vote for me. I will give you free money comrades. The rich are all oppressing you. Your own life choices hold no responsibility for your situation.

  4.  Good point.

    Far leftists go on an on about far right groups like Golden dawn (which they are right to do)… then stay silent as masses of leftist thugs constantly disrupt our economy, engage in violent protests, and destroy public property. Commie thugs are no better the fascist thugs.

    Our country needs to get back to the center ground before these irrational violent extremists tear it apart.

  5.  Lol… why stop there?

    4) Lets increase VAT tax to 500%. It makes sense trying to make up the tax deficit  by punishing honest people who pay taxes rather than focusing on the ones that don’t.

    5) Break into homes and businesses of any wealthy Greeks and loot their hard earned wealth. Isn’t that a great incentive to open a business in Greece? Stealing the wealth of others is a fantastic producer of wealth and jobs. Thieves need to eat too right?

    6) Invite Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Russia, Syria, and other countries around the world to send 100 million illegals into  Greece. Just because they expect their own borders  respected by foreigners we should not expect the same courtesy back.

    7) Rename our country to the Islamic Communist Republic of Western Turkey. I mean as we all know only someone racist would want to preserve our Hellenic culture and identity. Although much of the foundation of western civilization (soon to be global civilization) can be traced to Greece apparently “modern” simpleminded Greeks are the only people with “nothing” in common with ancient Greeks. Of course any foreign critics that observably  have far less in common with their own claimed roots are “real” identities we should respect as they disrespect Greeks by supporting FYROM extremists.

    8) Lets invest all our energy in hotels,  nature resorts, discos and casinos. Who in Hades needs to think about technological innovation and manufacturing when low skilled low paying jobs are such an attractive alternative. It is more rational for us to pursue jobs in cleaning dirty linens for tourists rather than say electrical engineering.

    9) Lets  keep spending lots and lots of money we don’t actually have. When we finally max our credit cards we should make sure to blame the Germans or bankers or some other Illuminati force rather than our own lack of productivity,

    Let us all hug tree comrades. That will solve all our problems.

  6. Tsipra, a Democracy doesn’t mean violent, burning and setting fire to buildings and killing innocent people. The meaning of Democracy is as follow if you want to know 1. A government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.
    2. A state having such a form of government
    3. A state of society characterized by formal equality of rights and privileges.
    4. A political or social equality; democratic  spirit.
    5. A common people of a community as distinguished from any privileged class; the common people with respect to their political power.

    Unfortunately, we will never have a government that can cater for the interest of the country and its people…Full stop…

  7. Tsipra makes the classic commie mistake of confusing equality before the law with equality of wealth. The purpose of equality before the law (and laws in general) is not to ensure equality of assets, its to insure fairness in the competition that is life.

    Communists tend to see wealth as a zero sum game. If they are poor… its because someone else is wealthy that’s to blame….rather than their own life choices. They talk themselves into believing its “fair” for a great athlete to carry them on their back because they can’t run as fast..

    This far leftist childish petty envy of competence mentality ends up with an anti-freedom mentality. Since they can’t compete fairly they manipulate government to try and rig the race. They even shamelessly parasitically live off the efforts of others while framing it as “fair’.

    Whats most ironic of all.. .is by doing so they harming their own interests. Wealth is best concentrated in the hands of the competent since they will utilize it productively to generate more wealthy. (rather than waste it like the incompetent do)

    That said, rich should not necessarily be confused as a synonym as competent If their wealth was achieved through corruption rather than voluntary choices and focus on production. Our government over decades slowly became a pig trough for both rich and poor alike to steal from honest taxpayers so there definitely needs to be reform to change this. IMO the best reform is desizing dramatically. This way it forces the pigs to earn a living by producing something rather than using the government to parasitically steal off others.


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