Greek Ex-Minister Hangs Himself After Graft Probe

    Leonidas Tzanis

    A Greek former junior minister was found hanged on Thursday after his name appeared on a list of politicians investigated for possible tax evasion, the police said.
    Leonidas Tzanis, a 57-year-old lawyer who had served as deputy interior minister a decade ago, was found dead in his home in the central city of Volos.
    “He was found hanged in his basement by his wife, who alerted the ambulance service. The ambulance service called the police,” a police spokesman said.

    Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras last month said the ministry’s fraud squad was investigating over 30 cases involving the holdings and tax declarations of politicians, local council administrators and other senior public servants.
    The probe “aims to uncover and combat corruption… at all levels of power,” the minister said in a statement.
    Greek media had previously circulated a list of 36 names, including several ex-ministers, two former mayors, lawmakers and other officials.
    Many of those named have publicly denied involvement and threaten to sue.
    (source: AFP)


    1. Corruption in Greece is far beyond anyone’s imagination, it cannot be found anywhere in the world not even in Africa. Corruption in Greece is greater than the “Mafia” itself…Soon others will follow suit…He saved himself to be shamed in public…

    2. Catch the tax evaders and punish them – if necessary with prison or death as in USA / Russia / China. And take the money from the the tax evader families to help the poor.

    3. Well, it’s because the Greek Mafia IS the Hellenic government and it’s the biggest mafia in all the Balkans and Southern Europe. It even has an army … Seriously, the Camora, the Ndrangheta, the albanian mafia and others are a joke compared to our “politicians”.

    4. “prison or death as in USA / Russia / China.:

      You keep saying the same ridiculous thing. USA Russia and china do not put people to death for tax evasion. Repeating this same line… over and over again on Greek Reporter… only makes you seem like a fanatic on a witch hunt.

      Tax evaders should be punished but lets not turn ourselves into some prehistoric civilization ok?

    5. This is hyperbole that only plays into the hands of extremists elements in Greek politics (like GD and Syriza)

      Greek government certainly has some moral responisibility for our problems but a few politicians are not singlehandedly to blame for everything. Some Greeks have gotten into the bad habit of entitlement mentality where they expect others to fund their life style and blame others for their personal economic problems.

    6. Resorting to hysteria exaggerations only encourages extremists in Greece. You aren’t helping our country by doing that. You are harming it.

    7. Greek is like Hell…. every Greek is a crook… everyone should be executed ….. everyone is a Nazi….you owe us your money foreign taxpayers…

      Seriously guys… you need to be more careful with your words. You aren’t helping with your exaggerations and over the top rhetoric. All you are doing is fueling extemists elements in Greece (which destabilize our country)


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