Tomb Near Serres Wife, Son of Alexander?

Tomb Near Serres Wife, Son of Alexander?

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    Αrchaeologists from the 28th Ephorate of Antiquities unearthed a tomb in the city of Amphipolis, near Serres, northern Greece, which they believe could belong to the wife and son of Alexander the Great, Roxane and Alexander IV.

    The circular precinct is three meters, or nearly 10 feet high and its perimeter is about 500 metes, or 1,640 feet surrounding the tomb located in an urban area close to the small city of Amphipolis. The head of the team, Katerina Peristeri noted that it is too soon to talk with certainty about the identities of the discovery.

    “Of course this precinct is one we have never seen before, neither in Vergina nor anywhere else in Greece. There is no doubt about this. However, any further associations with historic figures or presumptions cannot be yet made because of the severe lack of evidence and finances that will not allow to continue the excavations at least for the time being,” she added.

    The area has since 1965 been known as Kasta Tom, but these are the first excavations to take place there. The project began without any secured funds, which resulted in only parts of the impressive site coming to light. Analysts suggested that conclusions about the owners of the tomb cannot be drawn without first unearthing the tombs and discovering evidence about their identities.

    Nevertheless, local authorities and media rushed into claiming and believing that the tomb belongs to Alexander’s wife and son, who, according to legend, had been ostracized to Macedonia after Alexander’s death. There the 12-year-old Alexander the IV and his mother Roxane were murdered. Tradition has it that the two victims were buried in Amphipolis but no evidence so far has proved this.

    • AngeTKenos

      The nation cannot afford the cost of excavating BUT invite foreign PhD students in archeology, anthropology etc to come. They do the work at their expense. Study. Gain their PhDs in the magical environment of Hellas, and also spend tourist dollars. Win Win.

    • jlnatty

      What? Hasn’t the place already been overrun with looters since the publication of this news?  Stupid stupid stupid!

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    • Saxon de Kock

      Sounds fascinating.  Perhaps it would be a good idea to invite a foreign School of Archaeology to continue with the excavation. After all, if this is the tomb of Roxanne and her son, this would be a most riveting and important discovery.  But – I agree with the other commentator that one should be wary of providing too much information because of modern day grave robbers who could be smacking their lips in anticipation of a huge cache of valuables. Please do everything to protect this site and entice foreign schools to fund the excavation next dig season.

    • Mile Tetreb

      Can not be the tomb of Roxana and Alexander 4.They were killed because they were a threat to the throne of Macedonia.Were accused of being against Macedonia.How can someone who has declared undesirable person and killed him to build such a monumental tomb??

    • Bill poulakos

      The site might have been prepared awaiting the body of Alexander but when that got diverted it remained there, maybe later used for Roxane