New General Strike on October 18

    Two leading Greek unions, Gsee and Abedy – representing respectively private sector and state employees – have called a 24-hour general strike next Thursday, October 18, to coincide with a European summit in Brussels, local media reported citing union sources.
    The strike was called to protest against new austerity measures requested by the troika (EU, ECB and IMF) which the Greek government is about to approve. ‘We want the government to abstain from imposing these horrible measures which have brought so much poverty’, said Ilias Iliopoulos, secretary general of Adedy.

    • mathematics

      A  general strike is the best way to push out more companies – like FAGE.

    • mathematics

      And don’t forgett : With this strikes we will not lose only companies – like FAGE.
      I think we will even lose the EU – after the US election.

    • Anonymous

      Far leftist parasites hurting our economy yet again.

    • Cypriot

      Obvious that all three posts by “Anonymous” and “mathematics” are the same person, but although the public sector needs cutting, starving people is not the answer. They have the right to protest.

    • Salconstandinidis

      US elections are worried About Iran they are not even talking about Greece and if they were going to get Greece out Euro it would have happened by know if Greece is out of Euro who will be next it will fall the Euro.

    • mathematics

       Wrong Cypriot. I’m not “Anonymous”.

    • mathematics

      And because of this – they want to have Greece in the Euro – until after the election.
      Look at FAGE and Coca Cola.