Greece’s Labor Unions Call Oct. 18 Strike

Following a massive protest and general strike last month against more austerity measures being readied by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ uneasy coalition government, Greece’s two largest unions have called another strike for Oct. 18, the day of a European Union summit in Greece that could decide whether more international aid is released to prop up the country’s economy.

The two main unions, ADEDY and GSEE, representing public and private workers, are furious over more pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions that Samaras is set to impose on the orders of the Troika of the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank (EU-IMF-ECB) that is putting up $325 billion in two bailouts.

The unions called on members to shut down their stores and participate in the walkout. ‘The drastic reduction of incomes, the high and irrational taxation and significant decrease in demand is destroying companies and jobs,” they said in a statement.
(source: ANSA)


  1. Our far leftist dominated unions at it again. I’m sure the constant disruptive strikes and destroying property of other Greeks will help our economy. They are striking because they “care” not because they are greedy blood suckers that can’t understand both they… and our country… has to live within its means… not the means of others.

  2. When will these unions stop striking????Can you not understand you are part of the reason why no one wants to invest in Greece???? Greece offers no guaranteed supply chains so when companies have orders to fill these guys blocks roads,trains,airports…
    The unions should attempt to be part of the solution and entice new companies to setup in Greece not part of the problem by constantly going on strike…

    Unfortunately Greece is in the Balkans and its neighbours are offering better terms and conditions for companies to setup next door rather than Greece..Until these unions wake up and see this Greece’s unemployment figures will get worse..unfortunately…
    The unions will have no paying members if they keep on striking as they will all be unemployeed…and that is the reality…

  3.  As a Greek, I am ashamed to say you are 100% right. How can anyone do business in Greece with our far leftist dominated union constantly holding our economy hostage (not to mention the violence that typically accompanies every strike) Even Greek businessmen are being treated as pariahs these days.

    Some Greeks (not all) can’t seem to understand that no amount of striking will make money appear from thin air. Even defaulting and nationalizing everything like communist extremists want will not money appear from thin air. Only industry can bring jobs and the constant striking is HURTING the Greek economy rather than helping it.

    I don’t actually mind the idea of unions. They have their place. However in Greece they are clearly being abused by political extremists who are only encouraging perpetual hysteria and political instability. (rather than focus on creating new industries)


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