Evros Anti-Immigrant Fence “Ready in Weeks”

A fence along the Greek-Turkish border designed to prevent illegal immigration through the northern region of river Evros, will be up and fully operational by the end of the month, authorities have told the newspaper Kathimerini.

More than half of the planned 12.5-kilometer (7.7-mile) fence has already been constructed and the remainder will be in place before November, according to an official at the border crossing, which already has seen a sharp drop in illegal arrivals due to a joint crackdown by Greek police and officers of the European Union’s border monitoring agency Frontex.

Plans for the 3-meter-high (9.8-feet) barbed-wire-topped fence were scorned earlier this year by a European Commission official as “pointless,” but European Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmstrom, who toured the border region and visited four migrant reception centers last week, refrained from similar criticism.

Malmstrom urged authorities to improve conditions at reception centers on the islands of the Aegean which have seen a surge in illegal arrivals following the crackdown at the land border. She also prodded Greek authorities to upgrade a lax system for processing asylum claims by migrants meriting international protection.

The Swedish commissioner, who held talks with Greek Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias and Prime Minister Antonis Samaras during her visit, said that she would push for an increase in the European Union’s contribution to funding for Greece’s immigration crackdown, from 75% to 95% of the budget. She noted however that much of the EU funding being released to Greece for curbing illegal immigration had not been used.

(Source: ANSA)


  1. Anti- ILLLEGAL fence. Greece has every moral right to protect its borders andy. Please stop sounding like the anti-Greek trollers at the Guardian by using provocative titles that make Greece look bad..

    Greece has already has enough illegals. Very few refugees should be allowed until the numbers of illegals get back to more sane level. Most of the illegals should be ejected. If any foreign NGO or media outlet doesn’t like it, Greece should offer to deport them to be to their own country. Watch how quickly most of those countries refuse the offer.

  2. Swedish government is generally anti-Greek. They not only dishonestly pretend they dont’ notice FYROM’s change into “ancient macedonians’ but actually lobby behind our backs for FYROM to enter EU.

    Furthermore if one checks Swedens record on illegals… for years they were deporting them back to Greece under ridiculous dublin 2. (and they don’t have nearly as many as Greeks). The Swedish government pretends to care about human rights but they dont’ give a damn. Its just polticial rhetoric to avoid accepting more illegals themselves. I believe a word they say when they offer to take a few hundred thousand illegals  Self-righteous bigots.

  3. What has that got to do with the article? Stop posting this crap in articles. Serbia and Russia have the same stance as Sweden on the FYROM issue but Greeks consider them as allies.

  4. Perhaps some are too cowardly to fact the fact but everything I said is true. You need to stop sticking your head in the ground and pretending your don’t notice that some of our alleged “allies”… COLLUDE with FYROM ultra nationalists.


    I am Greek. I do NOT consider Sweden my “ally” for as long as they collude with people trying to ethncially eradicate the Greek people.

  5. If you think anyone that calls FYROM “Macedonia” are really our “allies” you as delusional as the far leftists. Get this through your head. They don’t giver a damn about Greece or Greeks. They only care about their own national interests.

    If they did care about Greeks they wouldn’t be calling FYROM “Macedonia”. They are fully prepared to collude in our ethnic erasure to cover up their shame for calling them Macedonia.

  6.  I hope this isn’t what Greeks today have stooped to becoming. A nation of evasive unprincipled cowards too afraid to defend out country against the masses of anti-Greeks threatening our country.

    What would Leonidas have done. Hide like a coward because of the massive odds against him? Or defend Greece?

    If you are Greek… defend it. If you are pseudo-Greek coward… go play pretend that those that collude with those threatening our country are our “allies’.

  7. Swedish government started “caring” about illegals in Greece…. at the exact moment when EU courts said they had to stop shipping them back to Greece under Dublin 2.  Before that…. for years… they were quietly shipping illegals back to Greece.

    However i do give Swedish government point for both being clever and focused on the interests of their country.  This is quite unlike some of the leftist buffoons in Greece that are  easily manipulated by words like “racism” “fascism”, “minorities”, “human rights’… yada yada… to do the bidding of other nations. (see “human rights” activitists at setimes.com…. funded by the US military)

    I can tell how much they care about “human rights”… when the same people collude with ultra nationalists in FYROM trying to ethnically eradicate the Greek people.



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