Greek Rights Groups Slam Asylum Process

    Human rights groups in Greece are accusing the government of subjecting asylum seekers to a “degrading and illegal” application process that aims to discourage them from formally requesting state protection.
    Fourteen local rights groups said Friday that refugees from war zones, including Syria, and other repressive regimes are effectively unable to file for asylum because Greece’s main processing center in Athens accepts as few as 20 applications each week. They issued a 50-page report criticizing the process that they are sending to the European Union.
    “The process is ridiculous, degrading and illegal,” said Efthalia Pappa, a coordinator of the study. “It’s an insult to our humanity.”

    Greece is the EU’s busiest entry point for illegal immigrants and asylum seekers, and has already acknowledged that its asylum screening facilities are insufficient.

    Hundreds of asylum seekers, including unaccompanied children, are forced to wait in long lines each week without access to food or toilets at the asylum center, Pappa said.
    She said researchers found evidence that criminal gangs were controlling who made it to the front of the asylum line and said police used batons and pepper spray on more than one occasion to control the crowds.

    Vassilis Kerasiotis, a lawyer who provides free advice to asylum seekers, said the situation was likely to get worse after an administrative court this week approved a government order allowing authorities to double the maximum detention period for suspected illegal immigrants to a year.
    “The situation is a total jungle,” he said. “The police do not allow themselves to be held accountable because they act on verbal instructions when carrying out the asylum process.
    “We have no choice but to complain to the European Union,” he said.
    (source: AP)


    1. Maybe Greeks should place illegals in 5 star hotels and have the human rights groups pay for it!!! That should kick start the economy!

    2. Anyone can claim their politics are “human rights”. The leftist (mostly foreign) NGOs lost my respect and trust when…

      a. for years they called “wolf” by referencing virtually any attempt to defend Greek borders as “racism”. Sorry it is not a “human right” to violated someone else’s borders. If the foreigners that work at those foreign based NGO’s want them, they are more then welcome to ask Greek to deport them to their own country.

      b. The NGO’s that mocked us about not recognizing FYROM, now stay dead silent as they turn into “ancient macedonians” and encourage irredentism in Greece.

      The short of it is, even people that claim to support human rights can have prejudices. Greece should strictly limit asylum seekers for as long as their are so many illegals in Greece. Otherwise the illegals will keep pouring in knowing they will eventually get citizenship due to blackmailing by fanatic great hating foreign based NGOs who “generously” decide for the Greek people who gets to live in our economy (apparently bypassing our own sovereignty)

    3. Greek reporter should stop giving any attention to NGOs that stay silent about FYROM. They have no moral credibility given they silently collude with ultra natioanlists once again trying to ethnically eradicate the Greek people (especially Macedonian ones)

    4. Correction: Article is about an ILLEGAL FOREIGNER rights group. Vassilis Kerasiotis if not treasonous certainly has no interest in the Greek people. If they were a Greek rights group they would focus on the rights of Greek people and Greek nation rather than only foreign illegals.

      Irrational antiHellenic far leftist crap like is precisely what is encouraging Greeks to move far right groups. The should send asylum applications to Japan or Korea and see how many they let in before ranting about Greece. Greece is full.

    5. If we listed to this ranting leftist NGOs there would be no Greece and Greeks left. I used to support the left but no longer. Any attempt to deport illegal is framed as “racism”.  The “comrades” are more concerned about sundry government redistribution scams and erasing our ethnic identities rather than the interests of the Greek people.

      I can see exactly how far right groups arose in Germany during WW2. The comrades were so busy trying to “share” (other people’s money and property) they forgot to look after other Germans. If a nation of people do not prioritize their own nation first, the nation will cease to exist and be absorbed by other groups that do prioritize their national interests first.

    6. Far leftist nuts like Efthalia Pappa are “degrading” to the Greek people. ILLEGALS have no right to be in Greece. Period. If he doesn’t like it, he is welcome to move to Japan and lobby the Japanese government to accept him and the illegals. Good luck.

    7. Multiculturalism is ethnic cleansing these leftists love death from abortion to race mixing.  There crimes will one day be punished. 

    8. The comrades just go about their ethnic cleansing in a much more subtle way. They sneaky frame it as “human rights”

    9. This articles is by leftist DEREK GATOPOULOS. The Associated Press hires him every time they want to write anti-Greek articles (much like the anti-Greek trollers at the Guardian). This constant selective sourcing of Greek leftists (including ones’ that call FYROM “Macedonia”) is their manipulative way to try to hide their bigotry against Greek.

      The same Associated Press  however has not once… not once… ever mentioned in the last 20 years the “minor” fact the US government used to strongly support on this name issue and has glossed over FYROM’s sudden change into “ancient macedonians” and irredentism.

      For those that believe that propaganda doesn’t exist in America, one need look no further than Associated Press. (also see the NY Times that parroted US government line that Saddam had WMDs)

    10. Since when did illegal immigration become human rights? I’d be curious to know the names, funding sources and other  details of these “14” so-called “Greek” rights groups.I think the Greek government should deport illegals to the various homelands of the editorial board of Associated Press.

    11.  Ah yes… the crack “reporters’ of the AP. Still waiting for them to mention this “minor” detail on name dispute.

      “This (US)
      Government considers talk of Macedonian “nation”, Macedonian
      “Fatherland”, or Macedonia “national consciousness” to be
      unjustified demagoguery representing no ethnic nor political reality, and sees
      in its present revival a possible cloak for aggressive intentions against
      Greece” – US State Department Dec, 1944 (Foreign Relations Vol. VIII
      Washington D.C. Circular Airgram – 868.014/26)

    12. These sorts of alleged “human rights” groups remind me of the alleged “human rights’ of those that pretend not to notice FYROM’s sudden change into ancient Macedonians” and irredentism..

      If some people dont’ believe there isn’t racism against Greeks (including some groups and media that claim to stand for “human rights”)… one look no further than all the pompous Greek-hating bigots that today dishonestly pretend not to notice FYROM’s behavior (to cover up their shame)

      Despite large numbers involved we should not trust any organization, media outlet, or person that pretends not to notice FYROM’s behavior. (Greek or otherwise)

      Greece is close to civil war. And the rest of Europe will probably follow. Illegal immigration was going to be the spark.

      Most Greeks can differentiate between the economic crisis and the immigration crisis.
      When I was in Greece 10 years ago, well before the economic misery that has now struck them, you could feel a quiet unease and unhappiness and genuine fear amongst most that the illegal immigration problem was coming to a head.
      The economic crisis has only sped up the clock.

      As well as Greece, all other mainstream European governments have failed miserably to deal with illegal immigration and now don’t know what to do. They don’t want to be seen as racist, so they leave the dirty work up to extreme right wing groups like GD while they look the other way.

      Greece is being used as the litmus test for Europe.


    14. I always check out the CEO of the media company, the names of editorial board head, major stock holders. It gives you a feel for which nationalist agenda is being pushed. Sometimes your enemies hide that they are manipulatively lobbying behind your back. Many so-called “human rights ngos’ are also funded by special interests (including some governments despite being labelled NGOs) becase they know mass media and NGOs that use the words “human rights” are an effective form of nationalist propaganda. (especially among leftist groups who are easily manipulated because of their emotional needs to be “comrades”)

      In my opinion nk Greeks need to take the same tack. Smile and be publicly friendly to  those that collaborate with ultra nationalists in FYROM trying to ethnically eradicate the Greek people. However we start covertly trying to undermining their interests for as long as the do.

      Anyone legimately concerned with  “human rights’ would not collude with ultra nationalists in FYROM trying to commit genocide against Greek people. Greeks have human rights too. This would also include the right to self-determination that FYROM (and its apologists) like to go on and on about… yet then go on to squash our right as FYROM openly attempts to usurp our very identity.

    15. There are treasonous far leftist groups in Greece that lobby for illegals rather than protection of our country’s borders.  Not only are they a propaganda gold mine for anti-Greeks in foreign press but such groups have developed a bad habit of slandering any Greek that attempts to protect our heritage and borders as “racist” and “fascist”.

      A perfect example of this is “Greek council of Refugees”

      Pulled from foreign press article labelled “Greece: Racist attacks on immigrants grow” (no mention they are ILLEGALS that violated our borders not “immigrants”)

      “Council  spokesman Spiros Rizakis said the government’s current approach
      has “fed extremist and racist opinions” which have led to “attacks on a
      daily basis.”

      “Greek council of Refugees” is supported by Karolos Papoulias of near dead Pasok party

      “awarded by the President of the Republic, Mr. Karolos Papoulias as an “island of quality” for its longstanding social work.”

      Apparently Greece not longer has a sovereign right to control its
      own borders but the media in the country’s that criticize Greece are free to deport
      illegals at their leisure.

      “Human rights”  lingo is one of the key method that foreign nationalists manipulatively try to influence global opinion to push agendas. They specifically target gullible leftists that fall for it. They also use leftists as a method to hide their bigotry towards the Greek people  (to show us how they “aren’t racist against Greeks”… while simultaneously they quietly collude with FYROM ultra nationalists trying to eradicate our very identity.)

      Incompetent leftists  constantly lobby on behalf of ILLEGALS rather than the Greek people themselves..constantly fall for this manipulate “human rights” crap (by people that collaborate with those trying to exterminate us)…..have driven our economy into the ground with overspending…. are anti-business… then wonder why Greece is a economic mess full of of illegals?

      Why Greeks are being driven in droves to far right parties? Well… dah.. anyone think the anti-Greek hysteria on the left and among foreigners might something to do with it? Since when did trying to ethnically eradicate the Greek people become “human rights”?

    16.  Just would like to add something…

      The above does not mean support GD. If anything GD is a propaganda gold mine like Syriza that anti-Greeks can manipulate to further generate hatred against Greeks.

      It means we should play by same rules as the anti-Greek bigots. Open our own human… and endlessly call those that support FYROM bigots, racist, and every other words they use to slander Greeks while they simultaneously silently collude with those trying to exterminate Greeks. Give the anti-Greek bigots a taste of their own self-righteous medicine.

    17.  I am sad to say you are right that there is a real chance of another civil war.

      The Greek right is trying to protect our identity and borders. Unfortunately some of the Greek left is more focused on trying to be  “comrades”…. that collaborate with IMRO who are literally trying exterminate us yet again. This is witnessed by the constant articles about “racism”, “neo-Nazis” and framing of illegals as “immigrants” in leftist media outlets… rather than articles about FYROM’s irredentism and disrespect of our borders and laws by illegals.

      The interest of many on the left isn’t the Greek people. Its foreigners. They irrationally  try to hard to be “comrades’ with those that not only care absolutely nothing for the Greek people but some of those foreigners even silently collaborate with those trying to ethnically erase us.

    18. “Israel can and should absorb a reasonable number of refugees, but it
      should not be expected to be the ultimate destination for Africans
      escaping poverty and war. Deportation is necessary to convince the next
      potential waves of migrants that coming to Israel would not be wise.”

      Greece is constantly slandered as “racist” for trying to deport illegals and refusing to accept massive numbers of refugees…..yet it has far far more illegals per capita than Israel.

      The short of it is… there is very real racism against Greeks these days. The excessive criticism about debt, the dead silence over FYROM’s sudden identity quick change into “ancient macedonians”, the constant ranting over illegals… all point to bigotry.

    19. Excerpt from article from the  New York Times website.

      “A couple of weeks ago, residents in
      southern Tel Aviv started demonstrating. Why now? That’s a good
      question. Why not a year ago, or half a year ago are even better ones. I
      don’t know.
      Some of the protests became violent
      and ugly, with racial overtones or outright racism. A handful of elected
      officials poured oil on the fire by making harsh comments, calling the
      migrants “a cancer,” blaming them for spreading AIDS, and worsening an already delicate situation.”

      “Israel is a small country, obsessed with the need to guard its Jewish majority. It is also too small to absorb so many poor illegal migrants”

      “Given our history,
      demography, current political circumstances and values, a serious effort
      to block illegal immigration from Africa – or any other region — is
      essential. It is essential if we want Israel to remain Jewish. It is
      essential if we want Israel to remain prosperous.

      “Israel can and should absorb a reasonable number of refugees, but it
      should not be expe0cted to be the ultimate destination for Africans
      escaping poverty and war. Deportation is necessary to convince the next
      potential waves of migrants that coming to Israel would not be wise.”

      “Searches and arrests, erecting of border fences, bolstering of guard
      units, kicking out poor migrants – all these scenes will now become a
      chapter in Jewish history. Israel has no other choice”


      We should follow Israel model. Anyone that criticizes Greece we should point towards Israel and ask why don’t they similarly criticize Israel? Is antihellenism any more moral than antisemitism?

    20. More on the idiocy of Greek leftist some of whom that are not only bizarrely bigoted against Greeks (obsessively Greek bashing) but even destroying our homeland by supporting illegal migrants..

      “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a conference on May 29th that African migrants are “a national security threat, endangering the country’s Jewish majority,” the Economist reported”

      “The illegal immigrants are also blamed for increased levels in crime in
      the neighborhoods where they live. A law passed around the same time
      said that any immigrants caught without documents by the authorities
      could face a three-year jail sentence.”

      “Africans who live in Israel, including Ethiopian Jews who were brought
      to Israel in the 1980s and1990s and now compromise a population of
      120,000, are also facing harsh discrimination. African-owned shops are often targets of threats and violence.”

    21. “Israel begins deportation of illegal immigrants”

      “The  (Israeli) court ruling in favor of deportation noted that the illegal immigrants
      status as economic refugees was not a protected status. “The
      international law does not oblige giving migrants shelter for
      socioeconomic reasons, unless the socio-economic situation in the
      receiving state is so bad it would endanger the asylum seeker’s life, or
      could be described as cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment,” the
      opinion says.The ruling from the court has prompted the government to also seek further strengthening of the penalties against Israeli’s who are found guilty of”employing, harboring or transporting migrants or Palestinians illegally residing in Israel”

      Meanwhile in Greece our far leftist degenerates are bizarrely supporting illegals that disrespect our country by sneaking across our borders and violating our laws? Then they having the audacity to complain to IMF/EU to give them money because we are broke? Seriously?

      Any Greeks that support leftist basket cases like Syriza have supplanted reason  with their emotions. In the end not only do they not help either illegals nor Greek but then even harm our country with their self-righteously rants. Emotions do not feed people.

    22. “Attacks on Israel’s fast-growing population of African asylum-seekers,
      mainly from South Sudan and Eritrea, are rising. Hundreds of Jews led by
      settlers from the West Bank, where Palestinians hope to create their
      state, recently marched through districts of south Tel Aviv, Israel’s
      commercial capital, where black immigrants proliferate, chanting
      “Africans Out!” Pumped up with angry excitement, the middle-aged chef of
      a fast-food shop, in HaTikva, a working-class district where migrants
      are also settling in large numbers, offers passers-by “grilled kushi”,
      provocatively meaning “grilled blacks”, and suggests getting rid of the
      immigrants by throwing grenades at their tenements. In recent weeks,
      several homes and a kindergarten for Africans have been firebombed. ”

      Where are all the news articles labelled “Israeli neo-nazis” like ones that say “Greek neo-Nazis:”? It’s this exact sort of hypocrisy that comes off as SEVERE racism against Greek by nutty Greek leftists obsessed with bashing Greeks.

    23. The only advice I give to the Greek people in regards to the immigration problem is, do not turn to violence against them. Nobody deseves to be beaten up.
      These people are only looking for a better life, which Greece cannot give them.

      First ,get your bailout money from the EU. Then, pass strong illegal immigration laws through parliament and then deport them.

      If the EU jumps up and down screaming (which they will) , open your western ports and harbours and sea lanes and let them go.

      After all most want to go to Britain.Sweden and Germany. To deny them this is a gross violation of their human rights and a crime.

    24. Millions of Greeks slam Efthalia Pappa, Vassilis Kerasiotis and other nutty leftist NGO extremists for their non-existent immigration policies and holier-than-thou prejudices towards Greeks.

      Greece has every moral and legal right to deport masses illegals and defend our borders like every other country in the world does.  Our goal should be not a single illegal in Greece. Anyone that hires illegals should face stiff prosecution.  Anyone foreign based NGO or media outlet that colludes with illegals, while simultaneously staying dead silent about FYROM, should be considered anti-Greek.

      Deport. Deport. Deport.

    25. I agree with everything you said. 

      There has to be strong disincentives for illegals to want to stay in Greece or come to Greece but going around lawlessly attacking illegals isn’t the way to go about fixing the problem. The way is through strict legislation.  This is why I strongly support Samaras. He is trying to legislate immigrant controls and deport illegals in a rational humane manner rather than leave to street justice.

      Unfortunately our far leftists irrationally rant “racism” every time we try to do this (even today with the glut)…. which is precisely how we ended up with this mess of illegals and vigilante immigration control.

      The illegals aren’t the real problem. They will go to any country they can get into for a better life. They just came to Greece because they could get away with it because of our incompetence.   I actually free sorry for them on one level but ultimately it was disrespectful of them to sneak into my homeland. People in their own homeland deport illegals and mine is not different. Ranting “racism” and “fascism” for their own violation of soverign borders is so hypocritical.I interprete it as racism against Greeks.

      Greece’s real problem is creepy leftist extremists. They’re like the commie version of the Taliban (even some of the moderates). They rant on and on about ethics but they have no clue what they are talking about.  Every few words… some opinion of some “social scientist” is pawned off as facts  (aka pretentious pomo crackpot)…..  “blah blah human rights’ (aka leftist co-opting the words)… “blah blah racism” (aka protect everyone’s rights but Greeks)

      The Greek state needs to deport illegals. Period. It should not be accepting refugees with such extreme numbers of illegals in Greece., I really don’t give a damn what any foreign media  ngo, UN, or any batty far leftist degenerate has to say about the matter any more. Call me “fascist”, “racist” whatever. I lost all my respect for these self-proclaimed “human rights’ experts when they started to dishonestly play dumb around FYROM issue and go-on-and-on about Greeks.

      If someone in some other nation objects, the Greek government should  publicly offeri to ship them to the countries that are doing the complaining.  They should either take them or STFU already.

    26. Has onyone ever asked these lefties how many immigrants Greece should accept? Ten thousand, one hundred thousand,one million ? How many?
      The only reason they bleed for them is because when they become citizens, they get their votes.

      Typical leftie agenda with their bleeding heart socialist government  welfare handout mentatility.
      They don’t want people to get rich so they keep them poor and on welfare and dependant on government handouts in return for votes. It’s the same everywhwere all over the world.

    27. I Want somebody to tell me how many greeks are living here in the USA and other parts if the world? Because the greeks dont wanna interegrate thats why ur economic is dooming to hell…… its better you go after your politician for missmanaging your dooming economy and live the nigrant alone. Not all migrants you are seeing in your streets are as poor as you if not becayse of conflicts i wonder if an Animal from the tickest forest will prefer a place call Greece on earth…….

    28. why papandeou g the main player to greece crisis and with fat bank accounts is free, who protect him please advice 


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