Anonymous Hacks Greek Finance Ministry, Classified Documents Leaked

A cyber-attack on the servers of Greek Finance Ministry has leaked classified documents and information online,  just a few days before the Greek Parliament is scheduled to vote  on a $17.45 billion spending cut and tax hike plan.

The attack, which was reported by the Greek website, was also confirmed by a high-ranking official of the Greek Ministry of Tourism. Secnews wrote that the hackers group Anonymous, which has gotten into other Greek ministries before, including those of Public Order, as well as the President, gained access to the Finance Ministry servers and leaked documents about the state of the Greek Economy.

The cyber-attack was described as one of the most serious against Greek government networks. The leaked documents include various classified data from e-mails that were exchanged between the Greek Ministry and envoys from international lenders negotiating more austerity measures and bailouts, to thousands of passwords of Greek individuals and evaluations of banks.

The attackers claimed that their aim is to expose all the data of Greek economy so all Greek citizens know the truth. It came as Greece is locked in talks with the Troika of the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank (EU-IMF-ECB) over the stalled reforms.

The Troika is holding back a $38.8 billion loan installment until Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, the New Democracy Conservative leader, can engineer the new austerity plan past his reluctant partners, the PASOK Socialists and Democratic Left, which are balking at harsh changes to labor laws.

The message from Anonymous and some leaked classified documents can be seen by clicking on the the photos below.


  1. Go on hackers get out all the details to the Greek public, help the people to know the truth about our corrupt Greek politicians. Do your best to expose the criminals who looted the country’s wealth and still doing so. You are the only hope for us to know the truth about the country’s economy.

  2. This is not surprising, when there is a corrupt governing elite who continually lie to their electorate and are more interested in feathering their own nests than the fate of the country, they leave themselves open to attack and ridicule. Our government was looking more and more like the Keystone Cops.

  3. There is corruption among our politicians but think its less now and  we should not scapegoat our government for all our ills. This is just class warfare rhetoric that left and right extremists encourage (that will cause civil war if they keep it up)

    Some of the anonymous hackers group also sound like crypto-marxists with their anti-corporatism extremism. If they keep lawlessly breaking into computer systems i find it likely that these alleged “heroes” will eventually branded a criminal or terrorist organization.

    Despite claiming to be against corruption… in practice anonymous is a collection of cyber criminals. Their motive may be well intended. Some of the causes they support I actually have had sympathy for.

    However, this does not put them (or me) above the law. Much like some extremists rioters that lob rocks at police or firebomb banks… Anonymous members that hack into computer systems belong in jail.  They should feel free to protest peacefully but that can’t keep going
    around lawlessly breaking into public and private computer systems
    because of their personal political views. This is a crime.

  4.  If we want greater transparency the way to go is through peacefully
    democratic elections not by depending on cyber terrorists  like
    Anonymous.  (no different than any lawless XA or communist extremists)

  5. I think some of the electorate that keep trying to blame all our problems on just our government officials are like the Keystone cops. A few government politicians can only do so much to help us. Yes there are some corrupt government officials but frankly there are far far more corrupt private citizens. (including among the poor that leftist extremists keep irrationally trying to frame as all “victims” … to justify further corrupt cash grabs for themselves.

    We ourselves are chiefly responsible for improving our own lives. Nor our government. Thinking our government is responsible for our lives is exactly what lead to this massive debt mess. We need to change our attitudes.

  6. Considering tax evasion was contributed to by around 50%, the other 50% can be attributed to the government and so this exposure is very relevant and necessary. You may bring up those people who agreed to vote for certain politicians if they were allowed to keep their jobs, but as much as they were at fault, the problem lies at the political level where it started.

  7. In a democracy the people volentarily voted for said politicians. Trying to use the excuse latter than “oh just the dirty politicians are to blame” would be a cop out.

    I am not trying to say that there isn’t corruption in government but that corruption is also a reflection of some corruption within the rest society too.

    Only pointing fingers at just government officials… or just the  banks… or anyone with money… or anyone with influence…is class warfare crap that extremists promote (typically commies but I’ve notice some in XA ironically  to do it too)

    We should not be on a witch hunt against our own leadership. We should only address corruption wherever we find it. (rich and poor alike)

  8. Another reason why not to keep going on and on about the government….. i

    …It not only fuels hatred among leftists for Samaras (who is one of the few cogent representative we currently have) but it will also encourage the leftists to feel further ‘victimized” and sit around waiting for the government to fix their economic problems. What Greek leftists don’t get… austerity represents the new Greece. This is the new norm.  The pig trough days are over (and aren’t coming back)

    If we want to fix Greece from this point forward it will not come from the government sector but through the private one. It will come off the labours of individual Greeks deciding its time to produce… to leverage technology (a Greek word) to create goods and services in fair trade. This is what generates wealth not simply using government to take money out of one pocket and put it into another.

    We shouldn’t irrationally continue to use our government to continue to fund any anti-hellenic Greek citizen (whether Greekor foreigner) that colludes with IMRO, that apologizes for illegals that disrespect our borders, or tries to undermine our very identity. They only know how to parasitically demand money from others while producing nothing but their own self-righteous hot air. (Some of our leftists have co-opted the words “human rights” to apparently exclude Greeks)

    If individual Greeks don’t want to  voluntarily save our country and help one another by focusing on business and industry.. and instead want to continue manipulating socialism to scam off one another…Greece deserves to be a failed state, It would have been  filled with lazy cowardly pseudo-“Greek” posers…. unworthy of the name Greek.

  9. Er…..where did I say that the population wasn’t also partly responsible?

    I notice that once again you have posted over half of the contributions and once again repeating the same lectures. Is this your job then, government spokesperson on English language news sites?

  10.  If only more Greeks thought this way…And there might be a lot of Greeks thinking this way. However. It seems however that an elite high earning part considered itself more important than the country itself. So much more that they didn’t even consider to become part of the taxpayers. What I wonder about is how they got away with that for so long.

  11. I don’t work for the government comrade.  I am just tired of listening to some people going on and on about our government but gloss over corruption elsewhere. (as you are doing by your ‘lecture”)

    Only pointing fingers at government only fuels extremism and victimization rather than focus on personal responsibility. Over the top political rhetoric has consequences.(see GD and Syriza extremists who are currently number 1 and 3 in the polls).

  12. Where are all the articles and “lectures” about corruption among the poor in Greece then? Why are the “poor” automatically treated as “victims” to the bankers, the government and the rich? (especially by leftists). You do realize many of poor (and middle class) were also scamming government these last few years too right?

    This sort of class warfare elite-are-out-to-eat-our-babies scapegoating is only fuelling political divisions. It will cause a civil war unless more of us choose our words more wisely to better reflect reality of specifically where blame needs to be directed. (rather than trying to lynch all our own elected leaders en masse).  Our words should support the needs of our homeland rather be part of a lynch mob.

  13. No doubt the private sector needs to grow. That’s the basic understanding of capitalism. The problem is, no one is going to invest in a country with a corrupt government, so the government level must be resolved first before the private level comes in. I.e. you must have a suitable foundation that supports private sector development.

    On a separate note, you must understand that capitalism isn’t a utopian solution. It does have its problems, which is why socialism arose. Those who become very rich can threaten to move which can result in vast job losses and less income from taxes. The latter problem can be resolved by spending only within the country’s means, which has been a difficult concept to grasp in Greek politics for the past few decades. Socialism enables the people to own the businesses and so if they become large and wealthy they cannot leave the country, but of course these government-owned businesses are typically uncompetitive and inefficient which is why socialism is a problem. This too can be resolved, however. This discussion should enlighten you as to why I consider myself centrally aligned.

  14.  I am a centtrist. I believe in mixed economies. However Greece is HEAVILIY slanted to the left at the moment. This is what austerity is all about.. which our leftists don’t want.  They want to keep eating at the pig trough.  This the real reason why they go on and on about the government.


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