Cyprus Hosts Mediterranean Archaeology Seminar

The Anastasios G. Leventis Foundation will host an international symposium in Nicosia to discuss  the protection of cultural and archaeological heritage of the Mediterranean region.

The main purpose is to present,evaluate and review the effectiveness of the existing legislation for the protection of the archaeological cultural heritage as critics said that current laws are not sufficient.

The opening address is on the “Greek legislation for the protection of cultural heritage: protection of archaeological sites, monuments, historical sites and cultural landscapes” and will be given by Secretary General of Culture who is in charge of archaeological issues for the Ministry of Culture, Mendoni Lina. Other experts from Mediterranean countries will speak on different scientific related topics.

The symposium will also present and discuss a series of topics such as the role of antiquities in today’s society and why they should be protected, improvement in terms of international law to return archaeological objects now being stored in various museums to their home countries and questions over a sufficient legislation to control antiquities trade in all countries.

  • Brain_dead_media

     Why label it Greek heritage?

    According to some of our alleged leftist “intellectuals” its now “ethnic Macedonian” heritage.

  • Łukasz Wojnar

     The island is full of great archeological sites. There is a good website to explore the archeological sites virtualy .