Independent Greeks Want 6 from Diaspora on Ballot

Independent Greek leader Panos Kammenos has suggested that six Greeks from the Diaspora should be on the ballot for the next national elections. He made the recommendation after meeting on Oct. 30 with the Vice-President of the World Council of Hellenes (SAE) Stefanos Tamvakis, a proposal they discussed.

After the meeting, Kammenos  stressed the proposal could be placed into a legislative initiative package as part of extending voting rights to the Diaspora, a question that has long been debated in the Greek Parliament and set aside over disagreements over how that would work.

Tamvakis thanked Kammenos for his support “on a request made for many years now, that is,Greek immigrants’ possibility to vote from wherever they live.” He said many in the Diaspora are keen to be involved in politics and government and should be allowed to vote.



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