The Three Most Beautiful Women in Greece

The three most beautiful women in Greece were selected through the Star Hellas Beauty contest on Nov. 14, a glamorous and special designed place in Dream City, where 19 young women impressed the judges and the audience. Ten of the 19 ladies moved on to the second part of the show to answer questions to show their poise and intelligence, along with their beauty.

The hostess was Eleonora Meleti, though Vasiliki Tsiroyianni stole the show whe  she was chosen the 2012 Star Hellas. She said: “I am really excited and overcome with emotion. The night was great! I was a little worried but in a good way, something that helped me to do my best.”

Star Hellas, Miss Hellas, and Miss Young

Former pageant queens Evi Adam and Evangelia Ravani as well as Yiannis Spaliaras, were the group of judges. One of the great surprises of the night was the performance of the singers, Eleni Foureira and Katerina Stikoudi, who pumped up the crowd.

The runner-up, as Miss Hellas 2012 is Athina Pikraki while third went to Miss Young 2012 Eleni Kokkinou.  Alternative Star Hellas is Eftihia Lazarou, alternative Miss Hellas Christina Georgopoulou and Alternative Miss Young is Fani Patouhea.


  1.  Have some respect and stop being the stereotype people make fun of you for. Show some class if that is even possible for you.

  2. What sort of class do you want me to be Iasonas??? Greece is bankrupt and all  they do is this instead of doing something worth saving the country from this massive crisis…What a joke you lot…How can I have respect for you people when you have nothing to do other than striking and burning buildings without a reason???How can I have respect for you people when you accuse others for your problems in which they are created by corrupt Greek politicians???Think before you open your mouth please…Respect start from within…We become the laughing stock of the world…The world is looking at us with disgust for what our corrupt Greek politicians caused to our country…Look around you wherever you are and listen to what people says about us…They just laugh at us because we are good at competitions but to manage our country’s economy we are not good at all and this is the result…Bankruptcy…


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