Greek Scientists Nanotechnology Blood Research

Under the guidance of Dr. Demosthenes Stamopoulos, a research team comprised of Greek scientists from the Athens-based NCSR Demokritos has employed new high precision methods, such as the Atomic Force Microscope and the Scanning Electron Microscope, in order to study in more detail the blood of patients suffering from auto-immune and kidney diseases.

The research was successfully completed  in cooperation with scientists from the Department of Nephrology and the Hemodialysis Units of the hospitals Gennimatas, Alexandra,  and Aretaeio.

The Greek research project implemented the advanced imaging nano-technology techniques to thoroughly study and examine the alterations taking place in the human blood after the infusion of artificial plasma.

Demokritos is the largest multi-disciplinary research center in the country with substantial scientific research, technological and educational activities in the areas of Health, Biology and Biotechnology, New Materials Micro & Nanotechnology, Environment – Energy and Sustainable Development, Information Technology & Telecommunications, Nuclear Physics & Elementary Particle Physics, Nuclear Technology & Radiation Protection, Cultural Heritage.


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