Papandreou Denies Mother On Swiss Bank List

Former Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou and his mother have denied reports in the Greek media that she’s behind the name of a civil servant with 550 million euros ($714 million) in deposits in a Swiss bank, with the former Premier saying that his family is caught in a political vendetta.

Papandreou, who resigned in November of 2011 after more than two years of relentless protests against austerity measures he imposed on the orders of international lenders, was upset over the stories that suggested his mother, Margaret, who is American, was being investigated.

“The publications… are clearly targeting me and the policies I implemented against all manner of political and personal interests,” Papandreou said in a statement issued in response to the Sunday, Dec. 2 editions of To Vima and Proto Thema alleging that the Financial Crimes Squad (SDOE) is probing his mother over large deposits at the Geneva branch of HSBC.

The publications quote a source from SDOE as saying that Margaret Papandreou’s name appears behind the largest deposit on the list of Greek depositors at the HSBC branch that was submitted to ex-Finance Minister Giorgos Papaconstantinou in the fall of 2010 by his French counterpart at the time Christine Lagarde, currently Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, one of Greece’s Troika of lenders.

Margaret Papandreou, also wife of former Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou, suggested that they were a personal attack against her family, dismissing the allegations as “lies and false accusations.” She added that, “The people in charge of the newspapers To Vima and Proto Thema have the experience to know that they should have simply asked me, investigated the case before they published anything. Cowardly and immoral, they did not.”

The depositor is reportedly a civil servant named Maria Panteli, but according to the Greek newspaper To Vima, Nikolaos Lekkas, the Manager-Comptroller of SDOE, said that, “Behind the biggest deposit on the list is Mrs. Margarita Papandreou.”

The names were published on a website by Greek journalist Costas Vaxevanis, who was acquitted on charges of violating privacy rights but is facing prosecution again on the same charge because the prosecutor disagreed with the finding. Vaxevanis said Greece is covering up tax evasion and the list still hasn’t been examined although it was given to Greek officials more than two years ago.

The report, a shifting convoluted tale, indicated that Panteli worked for a wealthy business executive, Sabi Mioni, who was born in Greece but now lives in Tel Aviv. Panteli has yet to be questioned. Vaxevanis reportedly said that Mioni told him that Panteli managed his financial affairs.

To Vima said that current SDOE chief Stelios Stassinopoulos, a friend of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, is aware of the story and that a director of a peripheral administration, Evangelos Karamanos, said Margaret Papandreou’s name was raised  in a meeting of five SDOE officials, but that it was not revealed to a Parliamentary committee investigating the list.

The paper also said that a lawyer, whose name was given only as St. Papastavrou – now an advisor to Samaras – also was a counsel to Mioni and that the deposits in the Swiss bank were legal.

Another former SDOE chief, Yiannis Kapeleris, reportedly said that Panteli’s list was on a list of the top 10 depositors – hers was the biggest – with $1.95 billion in the Swiss bank. Papaconstantinou previously testified that he asked Kapeleris to investigate the names, but Kapeleris insisted he was asked only for the tax profiles of the biggest depositors.

Papaconstantinou’s successor, Evangelos Venizelos – now PASOK’s head – said he had a copy of the list on a memory stick but never acted on it because he said it was stolen goods, although Lagarde said other European countries had used to go after suspected tax cheats.

Karmanos reportedly said he was left out of the loop and was not ordered to investigate the names. Tax evaders are costing Greece more than $70 billion and Samaras made no mention of pursuing them when he got the Parliament to narrowly approve a $17.45 billion spending cut and tax hike plan that again goes after Greece’s workers, pensioners and the poor while letting tax cheats escape.



  1. NOW WE “KNOW WHY” Mr. Venizelos of PASOK hid the “Legarde List” on purpose from the

    Why has the Greek Press written nothing about this, yet only The Greek Reporter News has?

    Do we smell another rotten “cover-up” by PASOK and New Democracy keeping the Justice System from working against it’s cabal of Criminals?

  2. @yahoo-OYG7TRHWU2AIDSI4M3B2PE2BHA:disqus  Dear Paul, let me tell you this…Greece is a corrupt country with corrupt politicians and justice will never work…Corruption in Greece is well rooted very deep in all governments sectors including Athens prosecutor…550 million Euro do not come from thin air so how did she manage to have this amount of money??? Pasok is the main culprit in this massive corruption and it is the party who bankrupt Greece…Pasok should be dissolved entirely from politics…

  3. George Papandreou, Evangelos Venizelos need to sentenced to life in prison. Actually given the fact that 3200 Greek citizens have commited suicide as a result of the collapse of the Greek economy, these corrupt politicians, who are responsible for leading Greece to catastrophe, should be given the DEATH PENALTY, they have the blood of thousands of Greek citizens on their hands.

  4. All politicians have blood in their hands because some knew what was going on in the government corridors and they did not act according to the constitution…They are all traitors and they should be treated as such…Greek politicians never cared about the country and its people…There only interest is looting Greece’s wealth for their own benefit…

  5. Greeks. Your OWN leaders have been the ones fucking you for years – why don’t you overthrow them – it’s not merkel who is your enemy. Wake up, Greeks. Take back your country.

  6. I understand it now : “Lefta yparxoun”  … On the bank account of the Papandreou Family in Switzerland. B***tard !!!

  7. Dear Kevin, that’s what I have been saying all along the way but the Greeks where swearing at me because they don’t want to hear the truth or they are the parasites of the corrupt Greek politicians. I have said it all along that Germany nor France nor any European nation is implicated in the Greek crisis mainly because the massive corruption we have in the country plus looting it’s wealth by the politicians including mismanagement of its economy lead Greece to bankruptcy…Corruption is all over the world but in Greece it did exceeded all expectations simply because our politicians are immune from prosecution that’s why they have and are still looting what’s left in its coffers…Greek people are divided between themselves, some are against the government but have not enough strength to overthrow it (The poor) and some are very strong and have the means to keep on going (Government parasites) and some do not care about anything other than themselves (Antinationalists)…So you see the country is divided in 3 parts or maybe more and that is what politicians are doing to keep them in power for as long as they can…Corruption is the cause of the crisis also keeping investors away from the country…Greeks should kick them corrupt politicians all out of politics otherwise the country’s chances of prosperity will vanish…Golden opportunities do come only once and we still have the chances if the people change their attitude and way of thinking…Corruption won’t help anyone other than the crooks, the criminals including our politicians and their parasites while the remaining people will remain poor paying for the rich, the corrupt and the criminals…Our Greek politicians are traitors to the country, it’s constitution and it’s people and they should be jailed for life for the crimes they committed against the Greeks…38 years of looting the country’s wealth should end and replaced by prosperity and a better future for the next generation…

  8. Yes “Lefta Iparxoun” but in politicians accounts in swiss banks…This money belong to the country and it’s people…This money was looted by our corrupt politicians and it should be returned back and used to build the country’s economy for the benefit of the people and not for some crook and corrupt politicians…

  9. I am not surprised…I know for fact that Greek politicians are all corrupt one way or another…Unfortunately, they cannot be touched by the law…Greek politicians have abused their powers given by the people who entrusted them to protect their interests but what has happened here, politicians protected their interests and the welfare of their own families and supporters in return for votes to remain in power…Immunity must be revoked and all should be investigated from the day they become politicians…

  10. Yes, you are right. Nothing will ever change for as long as these corrupt politicians are in power…They should be removed from politics all together…17N is needed and now to clean up the country from these all corrupt politicians…

  11. Quite clearly what is the case in Greece is that the politicians all got vested interests in not getting investigated in where the money all came from in the first place, unless bribes are taxable of course.

  12. death penalty may be a little harsh all 90 year old  xenos mothers of traitors should be allowed to steal a billion dollars  while  Hellenic children suffer , hmmmmm wait is it 



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