Two Greeks Arrested in Immigrant Attacks

Police conducting the Xenios Zeus sweep looking for illegal immigrants in Greece
Police conducting the Xenios Zeus sweep looking for illegal immigrants in Greece, who will be deported

With racist attacks in Greece rapidly rising, police said they arrested two men and charged them with assaulting three Bangladeshi migrants in separate incidents.

Police said the two 22-year-olds were riding in a car in Athens’ southern suburbs and accosted the migrants on Christmas morning, threatening violence and demanding money.

The two migrants who claimed they did not have money were punched and hit with a collapsible baton and were in a hospital with non-threatening injuries. The third was stripped of 250 euros ($330) the Associated Press reported.

Police said that, so far, the youths appear to have no connection to extreme-right, anti-immigrant groups, such as the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party accused by critics of leading beatings on immigrants and attacks on their places of business.

The party has denied any involvement despite its stated agenda of wanting to force all foreigners out of Greece to keep the country racially pure. Golden Dawn, which got only 0.29 percent of the vote in the 2009 elections, won 6.7 percent in this year’s ballot gain 18 seats in the Parliament and has hit as high as 14 percent in more recent surveys.

Critics have also accused the police of silently supporting Golden Dawn amid reports that as many as half the force voted for the party. There also have been reports of police looking the other way while immigrants were being assaulted and as Golden Dawn members have allegedly conducted other attacks.

Human rights groups have cited a big increase in attacks on immigrants and the country’s anti-immigrant atmosphere, with Prime Minister Antonis Samaras also saying he wants to deport illegal immigrants and as police continue a sweep looking for foreigners without residency papers, putting them in detention centers.


  1. Demanding money to illegal immigrants is a right of the local people.
    It’s a rightfull compensation for having entered the country illegally. In every countries, asking payment to illegal immigrants in wherever city they go should be made mandatory and if the fine couldn’t be paid by the illegal immigrants then they would be punished by the population. In less than 2 years, immigrants who would want to come in the EU countries would do it legally to avoid this.
    Sometimes you have to be harsh to be respected otherwise the problems growth and in the end there will be blood in the streets. Be harsh now to avoid taking extrem measures later.
    That’s why I think we Europeans are the worst barbarians of all tribes.
    We let the problems become bigger and bigger instead of solving them until we can’t take it anymore. And then the only solution is to slaugher thoses who are face to face with us in order to survive and give a future to our child. Act now to avoid a civil war in 10-20 years.
    Multiculturalism in the Balkans should be avoided at all costs. We all know how it will end despite what the leftist dreamers say.

  2. Don’t call others idiots when you are a communist … and by the way look at what is happening around the world : Yugoslavia cessessionned, the Corse island in France want independance, the Basques people in France and in Spain want a State, Christians and Animists in Sudan have obtained the separation with muslims, the Kurds in Turkey, Iran, Irak and Syria want the creation of a Kurdistan State. In Russia, many provinces want idependance because the inhabitants have a different religion, culture, … than the rest of the population. In Fyrom, they have a big albanian problem. In Pakistan, many provinces like Balochistan want independance, in  Afghanistan, Pashtuns hate Hazaras (Turko-Mongols) and tell them to go back in Mongolia, Persians hate Arabs, Arabs hate Persians, ect … and the majority of theses peoples are racists towards jews.
    Put all of theses persons into one country and it will be a big catastrophe.
    In France, French-Greeks like me and French-Turks, we don’t see each others as members of the same tribes but only as Greeks and Turks. Same for French-Turks, French-Armenians and French-Kurds. It’s always fight with knives, bombing (yesterdayt the Kurdish cultural center of my region was bombed again by French-Turks. 
    Only idiot communits like you think all of us can live together in the same country or perhaps you have an agenda.

  3. He is wrong to suggest that private citizens should go around beating up illegals but your commentary is of the same variety. I guess that’s the sort of low class comments to expect when the person saying them has nothing of substance to offer beyond empty self-righteous hot air.

    Parasitic communist thugs like you are really no different than golden dawn. You think you are against racism because you are racist in a different way. Your extreme anti-nationalism (to the point of bizarre anti-social behavior against Greeks) indicates you are racist against Greeks.

     Every country in the world deports illegals comrade. The very country’s these illegals are coming from deport illegals too. Greece is doing absolutely nothing wrong deporting illegals and expecting their borders respected like every other country does. Your double standards against the Greek people is by definition prejudice. Bigot.

  4. Pantheon, trust me, the Greek media is all over it should an immigrant attack a Greek.  Just open up any paper and read…

  5. Some  Greek media talks about it. Not so much leftist Greek media though (because they are afraid of being labelled “racist”  for pointing out most of serious violent crime in Greece is caused by a illegals who make up only 15% to 20% of our population). 

    Unfortunately foreign media (and foreign NGOs) constantly tries to portray all the illegals as “victims” when the reality is Greeks are the real victims of these illegals. (who disrectfully crossed into our borders without asking and  further violate our laws by working illegally in the country and often engaging in criminal activities)

    I am a patriot but not a blind nationalist. I blame my country for
    borrowing money it couldn’t pay back. However my country is not morally to blame
    for a massive number of illegals that disrespect our borders. The countries these illegals
    come from deport illegals themselves (as do the homelands of the foreign
    NGO’s criticizing Greeks for being hostile towards illegals) Why are we being held to a different standard and seemingly expected to have a non-existent immigration policy? (else slandered as “racist”

    Frankly, the constant one-sided reporting by foreigners always painting Greeks in a bad light (including in the Macedonia name dispute where everyone pretends not to notice their sudden change into “ancient Macedonians”) stinks of racism towards Greeks. It is the constant anti-Greek rhetoric by foreigners that has played a key role in the xenophobic backlash in Greece.

  6. Communist like Sal live in a fantasyland of words. They need Greece to self-destruct to wake up to the reality the polices he endorses would end in the complete destruction of Greece and Greek. Its exactly commies like Sal that made a mess of Yugoslavia.

  7. Only White European countries are expected to take in millions of people from the “developing world” and “assimilate” (I.e. mix, intermarry, amalgamate) with them.  This is not required of Japan, Israel, South Korea, Kuwait or any non-White country or people.  Only White countries must force blend themselves out of existence and celebrate diversity while doing so.  This is genocide. White genocide. All you have to do is point out this program of White genocide over and over and violence will not be needed.  Just as vampires don’t like light, the globalist elites carrying out the program of White genocide don’t like Truth.     

  8. When are we going to
    wake up to the reality that nobody is saying that Africa needs diversity? And
    nobody is saying that Asia needs diversity? They are already 100% diverse. Only
    White children in White countries are being told that they need diversity.
    White countries will only be diverse when there are no White people left in

    Diversity is a codeword for White genocide, and anti-racist is a codeword for

  9. Alex you are too right European people have to put up with nothing but double standards the media keep reporting racism and ignoring all the crime and attacks on Europeans. The worst comes from the left wing it’s no wonder they’re so self hating when they brainwash the European population with propaganda.  you 


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