Police Close Lesvos Pikpa Migrant Camp

    immigrantsGreek police closed a volunteer-run migrant camp on the island of Lesvos after Bloomberg News reported that local authorities failed to help the refugees fleeing conflicts in Afghanistan and Syria.
    Undocumented immigrants living at the camp were given notice to leave Greece voluntarily within 30 days, Nicholas Ververis, a spokesman for police, said by phone Thursday. More than 30 migrants are now being held at the police station, Ververis said.
    Police picked up the migrants at the Pikpa camp on Dec. 21, Stratis Pothas, one of the volunteers who ran the site, said by e-mail. Pothas and others opened the camp in November using donated food and labor after police, unable to house waves of new arrivals, began turning them away.

    Greece is a main gateway to the European Union for migrants and refugees, including those fleeing from Syria and Afghanistan. The United Nations special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International called this month for reform in the way the country handles new arrivals and processes asylum applications. Lesvos, an agricultural island about six miles from the Turkish coast, is a common destination for refugees.

    The Lesvos camp closing is good news for the migrants because it meant they were processed more quickly, allowing them to continue on their journey, Athina Stathelli, another volunteer organizer, said by phone.
    “They don’t want to stay in Mytilene,” Stathelli said.
    The police-issued 30-day deportation order can function as temporary identification, allowing migrants to purchase a ferry ticket to Athens.
    Stathelli said the news coverage probably played a role in the police decision to close the camp. Ververis declined to comment on whether the Dec. 21 Bloomberg article about Pikpa prompted its closing.
    (source: Bloomberg)


    1. Detention centers are not the way. We should be deporting illegals not housing them. As soon as they are caught, send them on a plane back to their country of origin. If some foreign NGO doesn’t like it, they are more than welcome to petition their own countries to accept them rather than cheap talk. The reality is their own countries don’t want them either (shipping them back under Dublin 2 for years). Even country these people are from deport illegals.

      Apparently protecting our soverign borders from mllions of illegals is a “human rights’ violation
      now according to self-righteous leftist knuckheads like AI and HRW.  Greece, unlike every other country in the world, is expected to not have an immigration policy. Instead we are expected to accept any illegal (whom foreign based NGOs frame as “immigrants”) And if any Greek is hostile to non-elected, non-citizens foreigners colluding in illegal immigration into our homeland we are slandered as ‘racists” and “Nazis”.

      I find it ironic that some of the people that claim to support “human rights” are racist towards Greeks. Prejudice is defined by double standards.







      etc. etc.

    2. Illegal migration is a business worth millions to governments and traffickers alike…It’s not that simple to eliminate that business while wars still ongoing…When there is no stability in one country people tend to move to another seeking a better life…Circumstances do varies from one country to another…Lack of migration policies and corruption with a failed system result in human trafficking… Greece’s politicians used legal and illegal immigrants issues to rise to power…All illegal immigrants should deported without delay to their native country…We do not want them in Greece…

    3. How about it Mayor Bloomberg?  Invite these  deliberate  migrants to  your pad in Manhattan…If not at your pad then to one of your oil rich sheik buddies’s pads in arabistan.


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