Woman Burned Alive in Xanthi

Xanthi_PoliceThe police have found the burned body of a woman behind a block of flats in the northern Greek city of Xanthi.

According to information the 33-year-old, daughter of a well-known businessman of Xanthi in the marketing of chick peas, was attacked by unknown assailants outside her parents’ home in 40 Eklissies Street, above the main square.

The perpetrators tried, as indicated by evidence so far, to rape the woman and then after stabbing her, they set her on fire with gasoline removed from a parked motorbike.

The woman was tortured just below the balcony of her parents’ apartment and when neighbors heard the screaming they immediately called the police. She was found naked and burned alive. As expected, the view of the unfortunate woman spread sorrow, shock and fear to all neighbors and both to the men of the police and ambulance forces.

The 33-year old victim lived in Thessaloniki, and came to Xanthi to spend the Christmas holiday with her family.

According to latest information, a special police team from Thessaloniki who reached the crime scene has asked for the trash bins in the area not to be emptied, in the event of finding any kind of evidence that could lead them to the killers, as well as to find the woman’s purse.

Mayor of Xanthi, Michael Stylianidis, obviously shocked by the gruesome incident, expressed his condolences to the victim’s family.


  1. Any of our leftist rocket scientists want to bet against it being an illegal that perpetrated this atrocity? If its a Greek that perpetrates a crime against illegal..it would have been world headlines as “racism” and “neo-nazi”. When a Greek is killed by an illegals its framed as simply “crime:”. Greek hating foreigners (who pretend not to notice FYROM’s change into ancient macedonians to cover up their shame for calling them “Macedonians) have taught our leftists to hate our country and sometimes even be racist towards the Greek people.

  2. You lil foolish ignorant. Like most of my Greek friends u suspected gypsies or Pakistanis or even the worst of all – Turkish people. Greece is turning into pre-nazi Germany. It’s a failed state in almost every aspect of social life, except food and coffee maybe. I feel so sorry for the few sane people in this country.

  3. Thank you Blob, you replied in part of what I wanted to say “It’s a failed state in almost every aspect of social life, except food and coffee maybe”…

  4. When I visited Athens I saw the Police sitting idle in a neighborhood full of all sorts of dubious people. Most certainly those were in great majority illegals. The Greek Police surely knows about this but I think they’re already powerless.

    I heard once a friend saying something that stuck with me: “it’s better to have a bit of extremism now than to have a lot later”

    Stop voting socialists in Europe.

  5. Yes, but we better wait for more details before saying the criminal who has done this crime is Greek because many non-Greek people have obtained Greek identity papers because of the treasonous 2010 law thanks to Pasok.
    For example In France when muslims and african youths commit crimes in the neighboring countries like Switzerland, Beligum, … the media call them “French youths” but they aren’t French, only their identity papers are.
    And it’s not right because all the others communities living in France take the blame as a whole while it is always the same kind of “Frenchs” who commit the crimes on others communities and in the neighboring countries. In 2011, 30000 chineses-french demonstrated in Paris against african and muslims youths because they had enough of being attacked and robbed by them. Today what’s important is where you are comming from, your name and your religion. That’s how we identify somebody now because many illegal immigrants have obtained European papers. And so what’s important is the name of the guy who have committed the crime, his origins and his religion. Then we can say if he is really Greek.

  6. I have no idea whether the perpetrator of this was Greek or otherwise.

    I’ll bet my bottom dollar that they were male tho.  But no-one speculates about the gender of the murderers – unlike their ethnicity – because everyone already knows that.


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