Syrian Refugees Flocking to Greece

    Syrian refugeesDespite its economic problems, Greece is still the most popular entry point for refugees trying to get into the European Union and has been inundated by waves of them. This year, that has included some 8,000 Syrians fleeing the civil war in their country, and the Greek government is tentatively planning to accommodate as many as 20,000 of them on the island of Corfu.

    According a report and video on Al-Jazeera, the Syrians are arriving on the island of Lesbos and helped by volunteers who provide food and shelter. The journey is very dangerous, boats are old and in bad conditions, and at this time of year seas can be very rough. Earlier in December, 20 Iraqis trying to reach Greece from Turkey, drowned when their boat capsized off the island.

    This is a link to the video.


    1. I strongly disagree with our government agreeing to support even more illegals. They will just keep streaming in unless we both protect our borders more militantly and start deporting the ones already here.  Greece already has a an extremely high number of illegals per capita (much higher than the country’s complaining about us) Why aren’t other nations accepting these illegals instead of using Greece as their dumping ground… than having the audacity to slander Greeks as all “racists” for objecting to mass violation of our sovereign borders?

      I for one no longer completely trust criticism of foreign based NGOs like Amemstry International and Human Rights Watch They are behaving like that anti-Greek basket case leftist Panayotes Dimitras that runs Helsinki Greece. They lost my trust when they started to pretend not to notice the former Yugoslavians bizarre attempt to usurp our identity and united Macedonian irredentist rhetoric. (clearly trying to hide their shame for supporting them rather than admitting they made a mistake recognizing FYROM)

      Given the selective blindness over FYROM’s irredentism and the disproportionate level of anti-Greek rhetoric among some of these people, I have learned the hard way that prejudices and racism also exist among those that claim to be against it.

    2. Why is Greece a dumping ground for illegal immigrants?? Greece has no money to even support its own, now they are taking more and more of these refuges.. Why cant these refuges go to a rich nation like Saudi Arabia or stay with there own kind in Turkey?? 
      Don’t convert Greece into another islamic state…..
      ZHTO H ELLAS!!

    3. We have become the  dumping ground because of idiotic leftists that try to equate protection of our sovereign borders from an absurd number of illegals with “racism”. Meanwhile all the countries these foreign based NGOs that are giving self-righteous lectures (the same anti-hellenic scum that dishonestly pretend not to notice FYROM’s behavior).. ship back illegals under Dublin 2 or refuse to take the load.

      And of course the countries these people are coming from expect their own borders respected…. and deport illegals… despite having far far fewer per capita than Greece

    4. I posted this comment in a previous article but I think that it is also relevant here.

      “Greece is now lying at a very dangerous crossroad. The massive numbers of illegal immigrants which are already in Greece accompanied by the ever increasing numbers of Syrian refugees on a daily basis that are entering via Turkey is causing huge angst among the Greek population.This illegal human trafficking is subversely (although pretty obvious) happening within the framework of a Turkish agenda to destabilize Greek society and it is working.Greece needs to be very careful because Turkey is setting her up. How do you ask?
      It will not be very long before the illegal immigrants start marching through the streets of Athens demanding more human rights. It will also not be very long before there are running battles on the streets between the police, local indigenous Greek population (and I don’t mean just GD) and the illegal immigrants.
      Turkey will claim that the muslim minorities in Greece are under threat and their human rights are being violated. Turkey will use this as an excuse to invade Greece under the pretence that it is protecting a muslim minority. Turkey will attempt to annexe the northern part of Greece and some of her islands and establish them as a protectorate for illegal immigrants and re-settle them in the name of human rights thereby achieving its goal to regain more Greek territory.
      Turkey will claim to be taking the high moral ground and will no doubt be applauded by the rest of the world.
      What are some of your views?”

    5. The Middle East is turning Greece into a human dumping ground.  Next wave is going to be from Egypt. But don’t worry, there are only a few hundred million of them……

      Maybe it’s time for drastic action. 

    6. I guess all this discussion is really irrelevant since in 100 million years from now the African continent is going to collide with the the European continent and they will all be able to walk to Greece.
      The actual geographical borders of Greece as we know them today will cease to exist.

    7. You’re right, but there is also the possibility of an intervention by NATO like in Kosovo or by an alliance of EU countries claiming they have responsabilies about what is happening in a member state of the EU (and so this would permit the EU authority to take totally control of our country and our ressources). Let’s not forget the recent discovery about Gaz, Gold and others ressources.
      Also if there is war with Turkey, we won’t be able to keep our borders closed and millions of refugees will flood in neighbor countries and the illegal immigrants will reach Italy and then others EU countries.

    8. Either scenario is possible but the thing that we both agree on is that Greece is being set up as you say another Kosovo.
      Alot of food for thought.

    9. You are obviously geologically inept and on top of that you lack a sense of humour. Typical commie.

    10. I think since Greece created democracy & compassion, they should accept these humans with open arms. I mean, these people are the ones that actually built up Greece with the infrastructure when the EU was giving Greece money to set themselves up. Greece should help repay the EU by accepting these hard workers because face it, if it wasn’t for these illegals, Greece would have no modern infrastructure!

      Now, people like Alex refuse to acknowledge & denies human rights it seems to any non Greek living in Greece. He would be the first person to hire a non Greek to work for him & then refuse to pay his wages because he is non Greek & not worthy. This is how Modern Greece has become today & if you don’t respect others then you start to turn on each other.

    11. I haven’t read in any of Alex’s comments where he said anything against human rights. In fact quite the opposite to what you are accusing him of.
      He is defending his heritage, culture, language. lifestyle, freedom of expression and religion from an external threat which you are obviously blind to.  
      If you are Greek (which I think you are) and don’t do the same then you and your generation could well be held responsible for extinguishing a flame that has been burning for hundreds of generations and thousands of years before you. 
      Many brave men and women have died defending these values and I cannot believe how cheaply and easily you are willing to let it all go.

      I am of Greek heritage and was born in another country but do not live in Greece and I feel so much shame for Greeks like you and your trendy left wing generation. Your grandparents and great grandparents and those before them would be rolling over in their graves right now. They too would be ashamed of you.

      However, I  believe that there are still enough loyal Greeks to prevent this from happening and a few years down the road when this social multicutural experiment in Europe turns ugly, the rest of Europe will wish that they too had stood their ground more fiercely like Greece……again.

    12.  How about  we ship all these illegals to your home country you manipulative ultra nationalist racist POS?

    13. Sure buddy. If it wasn’t for illegals we would be living in caves/ are you smoking dope as you type your anti-Greek drivel you ethnic cleansing scumbag?

    14.  Everything in Greece is illegal, including the immigrants. It is no surprise that they come to Greece where corruption is all that matters.


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