Angry Protesters Occupy DIMAR Office

offices of DIMARA group of about 50 protesters occupied the offices of the Democratic Left, (DIMAR) one of the Greek goverment’s coalition partners, in downtown Athens on Jan. 9 before police intervened and removed them.

The tiny party is under fire in its ranks for supporting austerity measures and was roiled further this week when party chief Fotis Kouvelis ejected two members who wanted to back a proposal to investigate PASOK Socialist chief Evangelos Venizelos – the other partner in Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ government.

Venizelos was a former finance minister who handled the now-notorious Lagarde List of 2,062 Greeks with $1.95 billion in deposits in the Geneva, Switzerland branch of HSBC that he didn’t check for tax evaders while he was doubling income and property taxes and taxing the poor.

ProtoThema reported that Kouvelis asked police to remove the protesters, who screamed at police as they were forced out, and yelled slogans against the austerity measures that he supports and are antithetical to the party’s principles.

(Source: Capital)



  1. Well…It seems DIMAR is in the game too…Ejecting members seeking Venizelos probe need DIMAR ‘s explanations…Don’t they need to know the truth???

  2.  It seems some leftists see conspiracies everywhere. They are irresponsibly looking to spread their communist ideology through revolutionary rhetoric and encouragement of fanaticism

  3. What communist ideology are trying to spread??? There is corruption going on in this country which has nothing to do with communism…

  4. You clearly don’t know what’s going on in Greece.  Most of the ranters against the government support communist Syriza. Syriza are expoiting the current mess to push COMMUNISM. (i.e. the cure is worse than the disease) The only thing far leftist idiots like Dablis accomplish with their endless rants against the government and the rich is encourage communism in Greece.

  5. Don’t bother with Alex… as you can see he’s brain damaged & in love with PASOK & ND… Get a life, pal!  

  6. Alex is a very sick puppy, doing ND & PASOK’s bidding! He is mentally challanged like his pals running the corrupt Coalition.

  7. ND’s  “Poodle Dog” Kouvelis is losing control and the People have had enough of his lies.

  8. You supporting COMMUNISTS like Syriza are not one to call others “sick puppy dude. For all the flaws of the middle ground parties I would take any one o them any day of the week over extremist fanatics like you.l

  9. I’l take that as a compliment. You are mentally ill for supporting extremists like communist Syriza.

  10.  Are you even Greek commie boy? You come to this forum and rant for a party the Skopians strongly support.

  11. You are the one that has no life. Day-in Day-out you come to this forum ranting for communism?  You disgust me. It is precisely parasitic self-righteous morons like you that created Greece;s massive debt.

    What’s the matter guy? Can’t you earn a living fairly by WORKING like everyone else? Need to depend on communist government cronies to steal money from others to feed you lazy incompetent troll?

  12. Given you support communist extremists you clearly don’t even know what the word “honest” means troll. Communist Syriza is a party that effectively supports institutionalized thivery comrade.

  13.  So create another party you self-righteous moron. Don’t support communist extremists you idiot. They will not fix the problems. They have no money to fix the problems. They will only make things far far worse with their communist fairyland economic theories that DO NOT WORK. (see North Korea)

  14. It is precisely self-righteous thieves like you that created our current mess of debt. All lazy incompetent parasites like you do is vote for parties that offer you the most free things. You have no priniciples beyond ranting others owe you money.

    Your communist system does not work comrade. It is an evil oppressive system that will turn my homeland into the now defunct Yugoslavia. Unlike communist thieves like you I care what happens to Greece.


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