UN Envoy, Samaras Talk FYROM Talk

Nimetz_SamarasThe United Nations envoy on the FYROM name issue Matthew Nimetz, who has been stymied for nearly 14 years to get Greece and its northern neighbor to agree on a name to replace the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, has reached out to Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos for assistance.

It was Samaras as foreign minister in a former New Democracy Conservative government who brought down the government by his vehement opposition to allowing the use of the name Macedonia.

Still, Samaras paid a surprise visit to the Foreign Ministry to meet Nimetz during the envoy’ talks with Avramopoulos. Nimetz expressed pleasure over his brief discussion with Samaras, and underlined the frankness of the Greek stance, AMNA reported. He said the prospect of intensification of the talks was being examined, adding that a Greek proposal for the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation “is on the table” and was a “substantial contribution”.

Asked about the chance of progress given political turmoil in Skopje, he said there was never an ideal conjuncture, and that is why “the time must be used productively.” He said he was optimistic, although he’s been saying that for years as well although there has not been any progress.

“Foreign Minister Avramopoulos stressed Greece’s support for Mr. Nimetz’s mandate and efforts to achieve progress on the name issue, briefing his collocutor in depth on the Greek proposal for the signing by the two sides of a memorandum of understanding aimed at imparting momentum to the negotiation process under the UN and setting out the framework and parameters for the solution,” the ministry announcement stated.

Avramopoulos “also reiterated Greece’s firm commitment and political will to achieve progress, based on the conviction that the achievement of a solution will lead to a deepening of Greek-FYROM bilateral relations, strengthen regional stability, and lend momentum to FYROM’s European and Euroatlantic perspective,” the announcement added, similar to most every other statement on the issue and generally conceded in diplomatic terms to mean nothing happened.

“During the meeting, the two sides carried out a review of the talks so far and looked at the prospects for the negotiation process based on the thoughts and ideas drawn up by Mr. Nimetz. In this context, Foreign Minister Avramopoulos expressed the Greek side’s readiness to participate actively and constructively in the next steps in the process,” the Ministry said.

(Source: AMNA, Capital)


  1. By calling FYROM by the Greek name of ‘Macedonia’ is historically inaccurate. FYROM are Bulgarians and speak Bulgarian, Ancient Macedonians spoke Greek and have always claimed to be Greek.. FYROM must find another name to its tiny country or revert back to its original name of ‘ Vadarska Banovina’ as it was before 1945… Population of FYROM is less then 2 million, 60% Bulgarians, 35% Albanian and the rest are mixed, also there is a large population of 100,000 Greeks living in FYROM which are being discriminated by the Gruevski’s (the dictator) government.. There is only one Macedonia and it is in Greece.!!

  2. Greece should stop all negotiations with the Bulgarian speaking Yugoslavs immediately.

    There is 1 Macedonia and its in Greece, either FYROM come up with a new non-offensive name or Greece will just wait it out and let the 40% Albanian population take over FYROM and destroy this joke of a country.


  3. “FYROM must find another name to its tiny country”.
    Not need for them to search far : Vardarska is a good name for this future muslim albanian province.

  4. There are plenty of Names for Macedonia but the Bulgarians in Macedonia were oppressed from the Serb authorities. Usually Bulgarians are a Coward Nation and the Serbs during the Yugoslav Era have basically raped this country to eliminate the Bulgarian roots and the right of Self-Determination. OK Bulgarian people may not be so proud or honest or even good people but the problem in Former Yugoslavia which Tito Created leaves a huge mess.
    The Following Names Sound Nice for FYROM:

    “Constitutional Republic of Macedonia”
    “Democratic Republic of Macedonia”
    “Independent Republic of Macedonia”
    “New Republic of Macedonia”
    “Republic of Upper Macedonia”
    “Republic of New Macedonia”
    “Republic of Macedonia-Skopje”
    “North Macedonia”

    There are eight names that sound nice and they still have Macedonia in it. But probably the language will still be Macedonian or Bulgarian. Nobody Knows. Thanks to Greek Reporter for making these News popular.

  5.  I like the name ‘Republic of Bananas’.
    The Greek name of Macedonia should not be negotiated with FYROM..


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