Bombs Set Off at Greek Journalist’s Homes

newego_LARGE_t_1101_54151976_type12128Greek police are seeking suspects who authorities said set off a string of homemade bomb devices outside the homes of a number of journalists residing in Athens early on Jan. 11. The devices, made of gas canisters, exploded outside residences in the areas of Alimos, Aghia Paraskevi, Lycavittos, Penteli and Maroussi. No injuries were reported but the explosions damaged the buildings’ entrances.

The attacks were reported 3:40-4:45 a.m. No group immediately claimed responsibility but various extremist groups have accused journalists of being complicit in the Greek government’s acquiescence to the demands of international lenders to keep cutting pay, raising taxes and slashing pensions.

Among the journalists targeted, authorities said, were George Oikonomeas of Mega TV, Antonis Liaros, Antonis Skyllakos, Chris Konstas and Petros Karsiotis. Fire crews rapidly responded and limited the damage. During his telecast, Oikonomeas said the attack in his case was at a former residence.

“The only thing that scares me is that there are such people who think in that way. The fact that they believe that they can change the world in such way or that they have the right to play such games, terrifies me. I have never hired private security and I will never do so,” he said.



    No articles by Andy Dablis on left wing extremism in Greece? (including the 28% of the population that support communist nut jobs Syriza)

  2. OMG. Imagine lenders expecting us to live within our means rather than theirs.

    Our shameless leftists sure are “generous”…. with other people’s money.

  3. These sorts of bombings by leftist extremists is in part the result of irresponsible anti-government anti-rich class warfare rhetoric by communist fanatics like Syriza.

  4. are those targeted pro EU bailout, forced austerity from Brussels, in other words mouth pieces for the sitting Greek govt.?

  5. And are you a “mouth piece” for communist fanatics Syriza?

    Thus austarity was not “forced” By Brussels, the Germans, the EU, the IMF, or Space Alients.  It was forced on Greece by the laws of mathematics. The Greek government could not continue to spend money it did not actually have (at the expense of foreign creditors). Not can Greeks expect to live like Japanese, Germans or Americans unless they produce like them.  (which we current do not because we focus on low skilled low paying tourism and agriculture )

    Perhaps to far leftist parasite pea brains the concept of wealth not
    growing on government trees is hard to fathom. For the sane, sound
    accounting involves credits and debits balancing out. There also needs to be a focus on production of goods not just handouts comrade.

  6.  You know what’s funny about your commit…

    The article was about leftist terrorists that bombed journalists… and you essentially apologized for them. Disgusting fanatic.

  7. No group claimed responsibility. I’m not in Greece, never heard of the “journalists” mentioned,

  8. it was all journalists that support Syriza that were bombed.

    Oh wait a second… it was actually journalists that are all appalled by communist extremists like Syriza. I’m sure it was a
    “coincidence”. The “coincidental” bombings of people opposed to far left extremism seem to keep happening though.

  9. “The law of mathematics is subjective in its application.”

    No. The laws of mathematics never change. Ignoring those laws with funny accounting does not change them.

    I agree there has been all sorts of funny accounting these last few years. However, albeit Greece went over an economic cliff this funny accounting was not limited to Greeks. Goldman Sachs did the same sort of debt deferrals for other nations too (most notably Italy)

    Furthermore I fail to see what your point has to do with supporting communist extremists like Syriza.

  10. I’m in Amerika so I know nothing other than what I read and what I read says the situation is dire for many in Greece. Maybe these “journalists” were selected because those in power are too well guarded. Over 50% youth unemployment, empty stomachs and cold unheated homes does not bode well for a society. Nor should it

  11. You just finished saying you didn’t know anything about the journalists. Now you are saying they are “well connected”.

    In short, yourw are just making up “facts” to push your leftist politics.  Thanks for the help you but you don’t help my homeland of Greece by encourging anti-government far leftist communist fanatics. The “cure” is worse than the disease.

  12. Attacks on the people via austerity to appease Brussels is more violent, causes more harm and is the initial act of terrorism.

  13. Tell it to some bleeding heart leftist group.

    What are illegals doing in our country in the first place? Do Greeks disrespectful violate the borders of the countries these illegals come from?  Illegals are scum that should ALL be deported. The only illegals I feel sorry for are the children who aren’t to blame for the actions of their dirt bag parents.

  14.  What a crock of baloney. All Brussels expects from us is to balance budgets (so they don’t have to pay our bills)

    Attacking journalists with BOMBS is terrorism. You are an apologist for terrorism.

  15.  No. Bombing journalists is terrorism.

    Balancing budgets is not terrorism. It is the absurd hyperbole analogy of leftist fanatic that apologized for leftist terrorists.

  16. It was a mistake to let back in any of the communist terrorists that murdered Greeks during the civil war.  We should have left the treasonous anti-Hellenic far leftist scum to rot behind the iron curtain along with their IMRO “comrades”.

    They care nothing for the Greek people. Their real identity is their absurd communist ideology. All these these lazy incompetent scum care about is stealing money vis-a-vis the state to line their own pockets. This is the real reason why they hate austerity. They don’t know how to produce anything useful in fair trade by themselves so instead they depend on thievery to fund their lifestyle. Lazy incompetent welfare queens only good for ranting for handouts.

  17. This is the case of ‘madmen in authority’, to quote Keynes, who are not only steering the vessel toward the rocks but who are, in the process, punching holes in the life vests that may carry us to safety once the shipwreck is complete. Consider what they are telling the Greek people: They are saying that Greece, to remain in the Eurozone, must,

    (a) carry on borrowing from the EFSF at 4% (and thus adding to Greece’s public debt) in order to pay the ECB (which will be making a 20% profit from these payments, courtesy of the fact that it had previously bought Greece’s bonds at a 20% to 30% discount)
    (b) reduce public spending by 12 billion euros in order to be ‘allowed’ to borrow for the benefit of bolstering the ECB’s profits from these transactions involving bankrupt Greece.
    If the Devil wanted to guarantee that Greece is pushed out of the Eurozone, he and his evil handmaidens could not make up the above, satanic, scenario. Meanwhile, the same happens in Spain, where the government is forced to borrow money (at nearly 7%) it can hardly raise in order to shore up banks that are borrowing from the ECB (at 1%) to lend to the Spanish government at (7%) so that the latter can… bail them out. Not even the sickest of minds could make this up!


  18.  The problem isn’t capitalism (or more accurately mixed economies). The problem is the EU thus far has refused to write off the amount of debt necessary to end Greece need to borrow money.  Some are more intent on trying to punish Greeks than trying to fix the issues. Debt write off is what the allies did when they wrote off massive German debt just after they tried to kill us all (something the tabloids like Bild seem to conveniently forget as they replace demagoguery against Jews with demagoguery against Greeks)

    On the other hand we also have the other extreme.. .the anti-austerity Greek leftist welfare queens that think that the EU (read mostly Germans) are morally obligated to fund their lifestyle in perpetuity… without producing nothing but their own hot air!

    And In the middle ground the rational people that understand that wealth doesn’t grow on trees and that everyone needs to take a few lumps to work through this for the sake of EU unity.

    Europe is a funny place.  Art, science philosophy, industry all have deep roots in Europe. The word civilized and European is practically a synonym. However when Europeans lose their tempers with one another they become quite the opposite. Monsters capable of the most horrible of atrocities.


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