Schaeuble Will Meet Tsipras in Berlin

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble
German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble

Alexis Tsipras, leader of Greece’s major opposition party Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) is scheduled to meet German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble on Jan. 14, officials said. Scheuble, after conferring with the Greek government, agreed to meet Tsipras, who had asked to see him.

It was expected that Schaeuble would reiterate support for austerity measures demanded by international lenders and supported by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Schaeuble has pushed for a consensus of Greece’s political parties but SYRIZA is vehemently opposed to the pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions that were conditions of Greece receiving $325 billion in two bailouts.

But it was reported that Schaeuble wants to hear Tsipras’ arguments directly. The Leftist leader has not said what he would do if his party takes power and he dismantles the agreement that would leave Greece broke as the lenders would stop disbursing money. Schaeuble said he would not cut off talks, however.

Up to now, Germany has only dealt with Leftist parties that are already in power, such as the Communist President of Cyprus, Demetris Christofias, who is leaving office next month. Tsipras, whose party has fallen slightly behind the New Democracy Conservatives of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, has been trying to raise his international profile, including a pending visit to Washington, D.C. to speak at the Brookings Institution, and then a trip to New York to speak at Columbia University.

It was expected that the Berlin meeting will open other European doors for Tsipras and that he would try to capitalize on the publicity to give his party a boost in Greece. He will arrive in the German capital on Jan. 12 to take part in a one-day seminar of European’s Leftist parties and to speak there. His agenda includes a trip to Hannover and other activities in Germany.


  1.  Tsipras will surely say again that he isn’t a danger to the eurozone, that he wants to keep the € and that he will implements the austerity measures better than Samaras if he comes to power (he already did this in the german newspaper Die Zeit. Nothing new here and it seems less and less people get fooled by this guy. Syriza = Pasok 2.0 (Tsipras criticized everything when his leftist coalition was small only to exist politically and now that Syriza is constituted as a party and that many of its members have paid jobs, they adopt the same stance as the others politicians of the system regarding corruption and populism). Syriza = Pasok 2.0.

    SYRIZA leader Tsipras offers his services to the troika

    Trading Places : Syriza and Pasok :

  2. All of Pasoks parasite supporters moved on to Syriza when Pasok leadership realized there was no more money for handouts. Now the manipulative low lifes  pretend they didn’t support Pasok.

    You can bet Schaeuble is disgusted by communist parasite Tsipiras. I’m not a fan of Schaeuble but in this I strongly agree. Tsipiras handout entitlement handout mentality is precisely what is wrong with Greece. He’s an immature spoiled child that needs a good spanking by his parents.

  3.  You are exactly right. Syriza is just Pasok supporters under new management. The thieving parasites abandoned Pasok when Pasok was forced to cut spending by EU. Basically the 28% that voted for Syrzia… that claim to be against corruption… are the same thieves that drowned Greece in debt.  To make matters worse they rant against businesses that create wealth. Utterly irrational far leftist fanatics.

  4.  The far leftist thieves in Syriza hate austarity because they are so incompetent they can’t feed themselves. They instead depend on the state to survive. It is exactly this mentality of entitlement that has lead to the massive bureaucracy that lead to our out of control debt.


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