Greeks Say Lagarde List Scandal Taints Pols

WO-AM184_GKPOLL_G_20121228192612While the Parliament and government have yet to investigate the handling by a number of politicians of a list of 2,062 Greeks with $1.95 billion in deposits in a Swiss bank that hasn’t been checked for tax evasion, 61 percent of Greeks said in a survey they believe the case is one of the worst scandals yet in the many plaguing the country.

The results were shown in a poll by the VPRC company as lawmakers are set to decide whether there should be a probe of former finance minister George Papaconstantinou, who was the first Greek official to get his hands on the so-called Lagarde List. It was given him in 2010 by then French finance minister Christine Lagarde, now head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF,) one of the country’s international lenders.

In the poll, published in the newspaper I Ellada Avrio (Greece tomorrow), only a 13% of the respondents believe it to be a common fraud case and 81 percent said they believe that Papaconstantinou has a criminal responsibility after it was revealed that the names of three of his relatives were missing. He has denied any wrongdoing and said he was framed.

Some 76 percent of respondents also blame former prime minster and previous PASOK Socialist leader George Papandreou, who appointed Papaconstantinou. Another 71 percent fault Papaconstantinou’s successor, Evangelos Venizelos, now head of the party. He ejected Papaconstantinou after the revelation of the missing names. And more than half, or 51 percent, believe that interim premier Lucas Papademos has some responsibility.

The scandal is undermining efforts of the coalition government of Prime Minister and New Democracy Conservative leader Antonis Samaras to try to right a struggling economy and as Greeks face another barrage of pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions while tax cheats have largely escaped punishment. The Lagarde List is seen by many Greeks as a symbol of the rich and powerful being protected while they have to pay.

Respondents who said they were with the major opposition Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) said in much higher percentages that all the politicians involved were to blame.


  1. It is ironic that commies like Syriza complain about corruption when communism is  institutionalized thievery.

  2. The Coaltion is a FRAUD itself who Mr. Venizelos knows well, if the “Legarde Lis” had come out “before the elections”– Venizelos would be serving time in a Greek jail right now with most of his cronies.

    And while the Greek People are freezing without heating fuel unable to afford it and
    near starving here, Mr. Samaras is up in Germany like King Louis XVI “saying all is wonderful” in Greece while staying in $3000 a night luxury hotel rooms and having $1000 dinners with Merkel and her pals, toally oblivious to the fury and uproar going on over the Legarde List” inquires, with little or nothing to say… is that an expample of a good Prime Minister?
    Covering up for Mr. Venizelos and now Mr. Papconstantiou too when both are obviously “guilty”, just because Samaras needs him in this phony Coaltion ? —
    Where’s the respect for LAW ? Where’s Samaras’ integrity and TRUTH and Justice for the Greek People suffering under such severe austerity? Where’s his example to show?

    — There is NONE!

  3. Alex… I don’t know what your problem is, but I’ll bet its hard to pronounce!
    I’m trying to imagine you with a personality– between all that “commie” ranting, stuck like a “broken record” playing over and over in your own small brain… Must be a nightmare if anyone lives with you… which I strongly doubt!

  4. The Coaltion was democractically elected by the Greek people.

    Communists like you are frauds.  You shamelessly support far leftist extremists like Syriza while having the audacity to claim you are against corruption?

    Dear stalin-lover cmmunism is institutionize THEFT and OPPRSSSION.  Our middle ground parties made mistakes. Communist thugs like you want to make those mistakes permanent.

  5.  Where is your respect for the law you manipulative commie thug? Weren’t you the one that just supporting bombing of democratically elected government officials?

    As for austerity…. stop your whining a get a fricken job like everyone else you lazy parasite.  Why do you shamelessly expect others to feed you? Can’t you live without the government giving you handouts you incompetent thief? Why not for a change produce jobs for other gGeeks rather than ranting how others owe you money you self-righteous freeloader.

  6. How ironic that you keep saying “broken record’.  Run out of things to say  comrade Lenin?

  7. “Mass killings under Communist regimes”

    Some of the mass murderers on the above list many of communist Syriza’s openly support (and lets not forget the communist terrorists that ended up triggering the deaths of 120,000 Greeks during Greek civil war -back when they treasonous murdered Greeks for the sake of IMRO propagandists)

    You are bordering on insanity supporting a party that has no economic means to fix Greece’s economic issues (see Cyprus where they voted communists.. who  have achieved absolutely nothing) Hot air about “corruption” and being for “the people” does not produce wealth comrade. Businesses produce wealth comrade. All your worldly possessions were produced by the very businesses irrational morons like you rail out against.  (rather than say focus on building  own business parasites like you focus on handouts)

    To make matters worse by supporting communists we would have a non-trivial chance of triggering another  civil war which makes me wonder are you Greek or a Skopian? You do know the Skopians hate communists in their own country right? They vote for crypto-Nazi far right Gruevski who quietly encourages his citizens to see 1/3 of Greece as “Greek occupied Macedonia”. However the exact same Skopians that vote for Gruevski…. also wildly support Greek communists! Why do you think that is comrade?

    a. Because they wish us to be all fellow communists?

    b. Because they recognize morons they can easily exploit to betray their own country


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