Petrol Bombs Thrown at Home of Govt Spokesman’s Brother

    Petrol bombs Petrol bombs were thrown at the Athens home of the brother of Greece’s government spokesman early on Sunday, causing minor damage but no injuries, police said.
    Police blamed the attack on far-left protesters angry at a police raid last week that cleared a squat popular with anti-establishment groups. About 100 people were arrested during the raid.
    “It’s a reaction to the police operation over the last few days to evacuate various occupied buildings,” said a police official.
    In a statement, the conservative-led government’s spokesman Simos Kedikoglou said:
    “The whole of the political world must condemn unreservedly and without exceptions the attempt to spread violence in our society,” “Democracy cannot be terrorized.”
    SYRIZA has accused the government of trying to create a “civil war-type climate” by accusing the leftists of being linked to such attacks in order to draw the public’s attention from austerity measures and the Lagarde list scandal.
    (source: Reuters)


    1. This is the beginning of anarchy and the breakdown of the Greek Political system and society… The REVOLTION in Greece is about to begin.     

    2.  Hey look… the local Syriza supporting far leftist terrorism against democratically elected officials. So much for love of democracy “worldarts”. What communist thugs like you mean by “democracy” is your single party system of communist thugs. You belong in jail you disgusting commie.

      Are you even Greek? Perhaps a Skopian trolling Greek Reporter trying to stir up problems between Greeks. Do you support calling IMRO propagandists in the former Yugoslavia “Macedonians” like some of the cowardly communist traitors in Syriza? (who are so incredibly incompetent they don’t notice the Skopians trying to claim 1/3 of our country as “Greek occupied macedonia”)

    3. “SYRIZA has accused the government of trying to create a “civil war-type climate”

      Actually is Syriza supporters (mostly ex-Pasok voters that dishonestly pretend they didn’t support them for decades) are the ones creating a civil war type climate by their excessive anti-government rhetoric (see world arts below who approves of far leftist terrorism)  Then throw in their endless disruptive strikes and riots that harm our economic and generate politcal instability.

      While Syriza supporters claim to be “pro-democracy”… they apparently can’t live with the fact the Greek people actually still preferred a coalition government of more moderate middle ground parties over their communist extremism.  Despite past mistakes by Pasok and ND, the Greek people still prefered them over communist Syriza.

      So what Syriza really mean by “democracy” is their single party communist totalitarianism. They admire mass murdering thugs like Stalin and Mao and frame their communist tyranny as “human rights” and “democracy”. Anyone that votes for Syriza is not only incredibly ingnorant but is someone who is voting for tyrants that are going to destroy Greece. Not only will Syriza not be able to fulfil their empty promises but they will drive us to civil war.

    4. Alex…. You are just full of hate and rage….and I must admit, “People like you” don’t grow on trees, they swing from them! — Most of us live and learn, you just live…. You should do some
      soul-searching. Maybe you’ll find one!

    5.  Yes. I am full of hate and rage for disgusting communist extremists like Syriza.

      YOu should do some of your own “soul searching” comrade. You claim to be “against corruption”… then support tyrannical communist thieves? Rather odd logic.

      What’s the matter? Can’t you feed yourself through honest day’s work?

    6.  You apparently also have a lot of hate. You just  ranted in support for far lefittst terrorism Disgusting fanatic.

    7.  Are you Greek “world arts”? Or a Skopian? The Skopians love treasonous Syriza despite that they hate communists in their own country.


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