Greek Police Bust International Migrant Smuggling Ring

    international migrant smuggling ringGreek police have dismantled an international migrant trafficking ring that had been using boats to smuggle hundreds of people, mainly Syrians, from Turkey to Greece and Italy, authorities said Thursday.
    Police arrested 14 people — eight Greeks, five Syrians and an Iraqi — in Athens and the island of Rhodes on Wednesday, while another 14 were being sought in Turkey, Belgium and Germany, authorities said.

    The ring had allegedly been charging between €1,200 and €2,500 in cash per person for transportation from Turkey to Greece, with children charged at half price, authorities said. They said the trafficking ring also had been smuggling migrants from Greece to Italy, and had been providing forged documents.
    Those arrested included the alleged ringleader and a man who is suspected of handling the gang’s finances, both of whom are Syrian, and a Greek who was allegedly responsible for providing vehicles and boats to transport the migrants.
    Police said the ring was suspected in at least 10 smuggling attempts that were intercepted in Greece or Turkey over the past year, involving more than 340 migrants.
    (source: AP)


    1. Meanwhile… our communists in Syriza keep claiming it is “racism” and “fascism” to stop illegals.  I wish we could deport back all the communists to the Soviet Union. It was a mistake to let them back in after the Greek civil war. They care far more about their ridiculous communist ideology than the Greek people.

    2. “Police arrested 14 people — eight Greeks, five Syrians and an Iraqi — in Athens and the island of Rhodes on Wednesday”.

      Ok, for the 8 human traffickers who are “Greeks”, they should have their nationality removed and they should be expelled to Irak or Syria with their accomplices after their jail time.
      It’s because of barbarians like theses rats that innocent girls are raped, that old peoples are attacked in their houses, ect … No pity for theses traitors who actively help the illegal immigrants who are responsibles of 71% of all the crimes in Greece enter the country.

    3.  Blah, blah, blah.

      Syriza again! How original! Waiting for you to say something new Alex…..

    4. All the members of this vile illegal immigrant smuggling gang, including and especially the Greek citizens who participated, should recieve life sentences without possibility for parole, to be spent in hard labour, until they are too ill, or too old to physically to carry out hard labour. But ofcourse due to left wing quasi communist parties like SYRIZA, these criminals will only recieve light sentences.


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